"Toranomon Hills Station" opens New Tokyo Station on the Hibiya Line for the first time in 56 years June 6 11:21

The Toranomon Hills Station, which will be the first station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line in 56 years, opened on the 6th.

Toranomon Hills Station on the Hibiya Line was opened between Kasumigaseki Station and Kamiyacho Station. It is the first new station on the Hibiya Line after 56 years, and it will be the first station on the line.

On the 6th day of the opening day, train fans immediately visited and took pictures of brand new station buildings and platforms and buying tickets for the opening day.

Large-scale redevelopment is underway around Toranomon Hills Station, which is the 180th station on the Tokyo Metro, and the station is located in the center of the redevelopment area.

It is connected to Toranomon Station on the Ginza Line by an underground passage of approximately 430 meters, which improves access to the Toranomon area and allows transfer.

A parent and child who came to buy in commemoration of the ticket on the first day of opening said, "I was surprised that there were less people than I thought it was on the first day of opening, but the station building is also clean and it is convenient to change trains," he said.

At Toranomon Hills Station, connection work with the redevelopment building in the surrounding area will continue, and all the construction work will be completed in 5 years.