Almost all of France perspires under the heat wave. - ALLILI MOURAD / SIPA

May 2020 was the hottest month ever on the planet, according to the European Climate Change Service Copernicus, which reports temperatures far above normal, especially in the Arctic. "May was 0.63 ° C warmer than the average of the months of May for the period 1981-2010, which makes it the warmest May since the start of the data", before May 2016 and May 2017, Copernicus said on Friday in a statement.

This start of the year is the hottest ever recorded in France

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The highest temperatures compared to normal, and even "very abnormal", were found in Siberia, with almost 10 ° C above normal. In the northwest of the region, the ice breakup on the Ob and Yenisei rivers had never started so early, Copernicus said. Spring was also particularly mild over a large part of the Arctic region, especially in western Alaska, but also in Antarctica.

2019 was the second hottest year in the world

Globally, the European service points out that the last twelve months (June 2019 to May 2020) equal the period of the hottest rolling year ever recorded (October 2015 to September 2016), with 0.7 ° C above normal. Due to global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions produced by human activities, the planet has already gained more than 1 ° C since the pre-industrial era, already causing a multiplication of extreme weather events like heat waves, droughts or floods.

2019 was the second hottest year in the world, after 2016, and experts expect the global average temperature to break a new record in the next five-year period (2020 - 2024).


With an average rise of 2.1 ° C, this start of the year is the hottest on record in France


Météo-France forecasts a hotter and drier than normal summer

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