Xinxin, June 5, Xinhua (Reporter Liu Peng) In response to the "80 million poverty alleviation projects in Gushi County, Henan Province, which has cut corners by 40 million people", the official Gushi County issued a response on the 5th that the company's Enterprises with poverty are not poverty alleviation projects, and the problems involved in cutting corners are not true.

  A few days ago, some netizens posted on the Internet the article "80 million projects in Gushi County cut corners and cut down 40 million people, who helped the poverty alleviation project", reflecting that the 20 MW ground photovoltaic power plant project in Fangji Town, Gushi County, Henan Province is suspected of unauthorized changes to design drawings and private use of inferior quality For raw materials, cut corners, etc., projects with a total cost of less than 80 million yuan, cut corners for more than 40 million yuan and other issues.

  On the 5th, the Information Office of the Gushi County Government issued a statement saying that the Gushi County Party Committee and County Government attached great importance to this and arranged relevant departments to organize special investigations as soon as possible.

  After investigation, Gushi Zhongneng Photovoltaic Construction Co., Ltd. is a hybrid enterprise. In 2015, it is planned to invest in a 40-megawatt photovoltaic new energy project in Gushi, construct a 20-megawatt photovoltaic power generation project in Yangshan Village, Fangji Town of the county, and build a 20-megawatt photovoltaic power generation project in Wujianshan Village, Duanji Town. The project was filed in August 2015, and the project started in December 2015. At present, the actual grid-connected capacity of Fangji Town Yangshan Village Photovoltaic Power Station completed by Gushi Zhongneng Photovoltaic Construction Project is 13.2 MW, and the actual grid-connected capacity of Duoji Town Wujianshan Village Photovoltaic Power Station is 3.6 MW. , Officially launched in July 2019.

  Because the company did not secure quotas for power generation targets, the company could only enjoy the benchmark electricity price of 0.3779 yuan/kWh. According to the company, the original plan was to build a 40 MW power generation project with a total investment of 320 million yuan. The actual grid-connected capacity was only 16.8 MW, and the actual investment was about 116 million yuan. As of now, the project is an enterprise wholly and fully invested in the construction project without using any poverty alleviation funds; the project has not been granted national photovoltaic poverty alleviation subsidies because it has not secured quotas for power generation targets. At the same time, the enterprise did not participate in any poverty alleviation and poverty reduction work in Gushi County. Therefore, this project is not a poverty-stricken project.

  According to the survey, the construction unit of Yangshan Photovoltaic Power Station in Fangji Town and Wujianshan Photovoltaic Power Station in Duanji Town is Gushi Zhongneng Photovoltaic Construction Co., Ltd., the general contractor of the project is China Power Construction Group Hainan Electric Power Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., and the supervision unit is He. Provincial Electric Power Survey and Design Institute. According to the relevant person in charge of Gushi Zhongneng Photovoltaic Construction Company, the transformer damage and component burnout mentioned in the online article occurred during the commissioning operation phase. After the formal operation of the grid, there have never been any problems. Inferior materials, cut corners and other problems are not true.

  The report stated that since 2017, the Gushi County Party Committee and County Government have attached great importance to photovoltaic poverty alleviation work, raised funds from various parties, invested a total of 313 million yuan, and constructed and acquired 123 photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations (excluding Fangji Town 20 MW ground photovoltaic power station). All photovoltaic power plants are fully invested by the government, with complete procedures, reliable quality, no private company shares, and assets owned by the collective. The total capacity of the power station is 42.5 MW, and the accumulated power generation income is 55.605 million yuan. At present, the accumulated subsidy funds of 29.518 million yuan have been enjoyed, which has driven more than 10,000 poor households to increase their income. The masses have responded well and effectively promoted the county's poverty alleviation work.

  The report stated that the enterprises reflected in the article were not poverty-stricken enterprises, nor poverty-relief projects, did not use poverty-relief funds, did not drive poverty-stricken households, and were independent investment behaviors of the enterprise; “transformer damage” and other issues related to stealing work and material reduction were actually non-standard workers during installation and commissioning The problems caused by the operation do not occur after being put into use. (Finish)