Fossil scientists announced yesterday the discovery of fossilized remains of a new species of dinosaur that lived 90 million years ago in Patagonia, Argentina.
This winged dinosaur has lists similar to those of Velociraptor, and experts believe it may contribute to uncovering information about the evolution of birds.
These fossils, which are less than one and a half meters long, were discovered in the Province of Rio Negro in Patagonia, some 1,100 km from the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.
Mattias Motta, a researcher at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Argentina, explained that the fossils belong to a new species of meat-eating paraffis dinosaur, called it "overurapator chementoy", and it is related to another strain found more than 10 thousand kilometers in Madagascar.
Parts of fossils were first discovered in 2013 and more were found during digging operations in 2018.
"This animal had a very sharp paw in the index finger, which it was definitely using to attack prey, and its legs were long, indicating that it was running too much," said Motta, the lead author of the study, published in The Essence of Nature. He was definitely fast, agile and like all of his relatives, he was a carnivore. ”
The researchers were surprised when they found that its legs resembled the legs of the Raptor dinosaur chain, but its upper limbs were very long and solid, similar to modern birds.
Through the second digging, he discovered many bones, including almost a full foot, tail vertebrae, and parts of the wing, according to paleontologist Federico Bressen Egley.

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