4 people killed in Bogan Did a university student arrested suddenly attack 12:09 on June 5?

On the 4th, in a house in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture, there was no evidence of fighting or resisting the victims in a case where four families were killed and injured by a vogan, and it was revealed by interviews with investigators It was. Police are investigating a suddenly attacked college man in this arrested house.

On the 4th, in a house in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture, where four family members were shot by a Western bow = Bogan, a college student Hidetsugu Nozu (23) who lives in this house is on the spot on the suspicion of attempted murder. Was arrested in.

Three people, grandmother Yoshimi (75), younger brother Eiji (22) and mother Mayumi (47) living in the neighborhood, who died with Nozu suspect, were killed, and police will investigate even if they suspect murder. is.

According to the investigation so far, of the four people, the aunt who was seriously injured was suspected of being called to the house by telephone and attacked, and police believe that three family members who had died before were shot ..

The three were hit by four arrows on their heads and fell in separate rooms, but according to investigators, there was no evidence of fighting or resistance in the room.

For this reason, police suspected Nozu suddenly attacked three people, and they are investigating their homes to investigate in detail.

Secretary-General of the Cabinet Secretariat "Further regulation, if necessary"

At the press conference after the Cabinet meeting, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan said, "Crossbows are used for sports and leisure just like archery, but they can also be used to harm people as in this case. For this reason, it is forbidden to carry it under the Light Crimes Law.It is necessary to set restrictions on this crossbow, etc., while taking into consideration the actual conditions of use and the occurrence of cases. We will study accordingly."