Even if you couldn't know the last name of the glam rock bassist, you have surely heard his first name.

"Are you ready Steve?", The Sweet song Ballroom Blitz begins.

And sure, Steve was ready for the song, which today is one of the great classics of the 1970s.

Several hits

Steve Priest co-founded Sweet 1968, or The Sweet they were called from the beginning. He founded the band with singer Brian Connolly, drummer Mick Tucker and guitarist Frank Torpey, who was replaced by Mick Stewart and then added guitarist Andy Scott.

They had their biggest success in the UK, where they had 13 top 20 hits during the 70s, including "Block buster" and the aforementioned "The ballroom blitz", but they were also popular in the US, Austria, Germany and Sweden.

He sang for three years

When Brian Connolly left the band in 1979, Steve Priest took over the microphone for three years. He later toured mainly in North America with his own version of the band, Steve Priest's Sweet, while Andy Scott toured with another version in the UK. Connolly passed away in 1997 and Mick Tucker in 2002.

Steve Priest turned 72 years old.