Social networks: Who is Kim Glow? - 20 Minutes

So far in the Kim series, you have certainly known Kim Kardashian and Kim Jong-un, see Kim Basinger or Kim Wilde for the older ones. With his many shattering publications, the Instagramer Kim Glow is likely to steal the show, at least for a time.

The health crisis due to the Covid-19 will have been for this ex-actress of reality TV followed by more than a million people on Instagram, rich in positions on very diverse subjects such as: Is Tunisia a dictatorship ? Was coronavirus created to kill the poor and reduce the world's population? To succeed in life is to leave when you want in the Maldives?

"The word dictatorship, I said it like that, it's good! "

His uncompromising positions (and sometimes at his expense) have earned Kim Glow many criticisms, sometimes very virulent, from Internet users but also and above all, other personalities from social networks. His recent tribute to Georges Floyd, an African-American who died after his arrest by white police on May 25, 2020 in Minneapolis, is very likely not to make matters right…


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