Tokyo Fuchu government-made rigging case City council leaks to city executives

An executive of the city, who was arrested for leaking information about a bid to a contractor through a city council member over the construction of Fuchu City in Tokyo, said a city surveyor. I understand. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating that the legislator who received the request from the dealer brought the information leakage to the executives of the city.

Regarding the two works ordered by Fuchu-shi, Tokyo, Masashi Tsukada, a counselor of the city's urban development department (56), said that he had leaked the minimum construction price to the contractor through two city council members in August last year. I was arrested on suspicion of violating the Rigging Prevention Law.

In addition, city councilors Shigeru Muraki (73) and Katsutoshi Usui (44) were arrested on suspicion of blocking the bid, but Counselor Tsukada said, "I would like to ask each of the two members of the tender information to bid. I was told," I found out in a city survey.

According to the investigators, it was confirmed that Counselor Tsukada and the member of parliament, as well as between the member of parliament and the trader, had telephone and e-mail exchanges immediately prior to bidding.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the details of what the city council member, who received the request from the trader, told Counselor Tsukada about the leak of information.