Olivier Véran has been Minister of Health since last February. - Raphael Lafargue-POOL / SIPA

The Young Doctors union announced Wednesday that it had obtained "its legitimate place" in the "Ségur de la santé" court, after an action for interim measures before the Paris administrative court of which it published the decision. Absent from the list of participants during the great launch raid on May 25, Young Doctors asserted its status as a representative union acquired last year, in order to participate in the consultations expected to be completed by mid-July.

Noting "a serious and manifestly unlawful attack on a fundamental freedom", the judge in summary proceedings "ordered the Minister of Solidarity and Health (Olivier Véran, editor's note) to convene the Young Doctors union for negotiations on the 'Ségur de la santé' 'and to ensure him treatment equal to that of other representative trade union organizations', according to his order dated Monday.

Bad will?

The ministry, absent at the hearing on Saturday, subsequently produced a letter affirming that Young Doctors, who represents liberal and hospital practitioners up to 10 years after their thesis, "integrates well the national Ségur committee", coordinating body in connection with four thematic working groups and various regional consultations. Pointing to the “vagueness” of this response, the judge ordered the ministry to invite the union “into working groups relating to discussions on the statutes for which (he) is considered representative”, in particular that devoted to “careers and remuneration ”.

Considering that Olivier Véran had "barred access" to the "Ségur de la santé", Young Doctors estimated in a press release that "the attitude of the minister questions the real desire for dialogue advanced by the government". Other organizations deplored not being included in the "national committee" or working groups, especially among liberal caregivers (nurses, pharmacists), but also among health executives and representatives of health centers.


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