(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Shenzhen's first asymptomatic infection of pregnant women with newborn coronavirus in pregnant women born with antibodies

  China News Agency, Shenzhen, June 3 (Reporter Zheng Xiaohong) The first pregnant woman with asymptomatic new crown virus in Shenzhen recovered a healthy baby boy on May 30 at Shenzhen Third People's Hospital (abbreviation: Shenzhen Third Hospital) Newborns and male infants were not infected with the new coronavirus by nucleic acid testing, and carried antibodies against the new coronavirus from birth. On June 3, the mother and son were discharged from the hospital.

  The asymptomatic pregnant woman with the new coronavirus was cured and discharged from the Third Hospital of Shenzhen more than a month ago, and was negative after six nucleic acid tests.

  The pregnant woman is born in Yichang, Hubei and has lived in Shenzhen for a long time. In mid-January, she and her husband went to Hubei to visit relatives. After a night's stay in Wuhan that night, she arrived at her home the next afternoon. At the end of January, she had a fever, the highest temperature reached 38.5 ℃, the body temperature quickly returned to normal after physical cooling, and did not re-heat.

  In early February, the pregnant mother’s mother tested positive for new coronavirus nucleic acid. The pregnant woman and her husband were isolated at the isolation point for 14 days. During the isolation period, the nucleic acid test was negative; after returning home from the isolation point, the couple isolated at home to 3 At the end of the month, and back to Shenzhen by train at the end of March.

  At the beginning of April, the pregnant woman went to the hospital for an obstetric examination. Because of the need for nucleic acid testing in Hubei returning to Shenzhen, the pregnant woman's specimen was sent to the Shenzhen Disease Control Center for testing, and the test result was positive. Since she did not have symptoms such as fever or cough, she was transferred to the Third Shenzhen Hospital as an asymptomatic infected person.

  Xia Junxia, ​​director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the Third Shenzhen Hospital, said the CT results showed that the pregnant woman had no lesions in her lungs. After consultation by the expert group, she was an asymptomatic infected person and decided not to give her medical treatment temporarily, but closely observed her condition and adjusted the treatment plan according to the condition.

  On May 30, the pregnant woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy in the Third Hospital of Shenzhen, weighing 3340g and 50cm in length. The midwife Yi Jingjing said that after the pregnant woman gave birth, the Shenzhen Third Hospital Research Institute performed a nucleic acid test on her and her baby’s secretions, amniotic fluid and other specimens, and the results were all negative. This means that he was born with antibodies. However, nucleic acids were positive in the placenta and membrane.

  "This should be the mother who passed on her anti-virus ability to the child and gave him a'golden bell cover iron cloth shirt'." Xia Junxia said, the placenta and fetal membrane are the primary organs for mother and baby to block and protect The baby's natural barrier, if infected with a small amount of viruses and bacteria, the placenta and membranes can stop them from invading the baby. (Finish)