The dramas that were exhibited during the Ramadan season succeeded in introducing a constellation of artistic experiences that seemed promising for a promising future, whether in drama or comedy, due to the fact that these new talents proved a real ability to attract the attention of the audience and critics, and to prove themselves in the adventure of appearing either for the first time On screen, or in a new "new" look this time.

At a time when the period of domestic isolation doubled the demand for various works on display, then focusing on following the looks of many of these experiences, which were similar to the likes of the first and second grades sometimes, whether in Arab or Gulf drama, in the formation of a state of anticipation and prolonged suspense On the days of the Holy Month, asking future questions, and the ability of drama makers later to benefit from their successful experiences, to present them in roles that make their way and qualify them for stardom.

Potential energies

One of the most successful experiences that managed to venture in this direction, and betting on the faces of a new young woman this year, by dedicating the joint championship in the series “With 100 Wsh”, in an innovative way, revealed many of the true technical aspects of their owners and hidden details. In their performance in front of the camera, perhaps the experience of the young actor Islam Ibrahim, whom the audience has already known in his permanent participation in the comic program team "SNL in Arabic", is one of the most successful new experiments presented by "100 W", in which the actor personified in a light and successful comedic way "Hamada" , Skilled in technology and piracy.

The experience of the young actress Donia Maher was also the undisputed surprise of the comedy series, after the personality of "Naglaa", the defeatist nurse dominated by depression and the constant complaint of the injustice of life to her, was one of the most famous "cartoons" in the Egyptian street, while her usual sentence was "I An orphan, no Leah, relative, lover, relative, or even stranger. The most important “comforts” of popular comedy this year, and one of the most frequent phrases on social media platforms in Egypt. On the other hand, and despite his participation in many theatrical and cinematic works, and winning the award for best actor in the Cairo Film Festival for his role in the movie "An Outside Night," the audience got to know an entirely new aspect of Sharif El Desouki's character this year, who embodied the character of " Sibai »The drunkard who participates in the work of erecting the cute gang, along with the young talent Zainab Gharib, who presented Radwa’s character, the“ gang ”of a light-blooded and popular figure known for her excessive spontaneity.

Excellent views

Away from comedic roles, the son of artist Mostafa Qamar, Tiam Mustafa Qamar, succeeded in standing second in front of Yusra in the series “Betrayal of the Era” Ramadan this year, after the series “We Have Other Sayings” (Ramadan 2018) in presenting the character “Ali”, the teenager Sahib Introverted character, attracting audience attention with his elaborate performance and honesty of his emotions on the screen. The young actress here, Dawood, was able to make the experience of "Tamara", the daughter of Dina El-Sherbiny's husband in the series "The Game of Oblivion," a remarkable and professional performance compared to her first dramatic experience, in which she largely succeeded in reincarnating the teenage personality. As for the experience of Reem Sami, the sister of the director Mohamed Sami, she also succeeded in providing a distinguished role in the series "Al-Prince" through the personality of "Noura". Meanwhile, the return of the young actress, Leila Zahir, the daughter of the star Ahmed Zahir, after a six-year absence, is marked by a public welcome and admiration for the kind girl's character, "Nour". At the same pace of success, actor and singer Mohamed Diab demonstrated new capabilities on the screen, by succeeding in presenting four different personalities this year, with the same degree of persuasion that attracted follow-up and praise.

Emirati talents

In the local drama, promising artistic faces have emerged this year, after local works succeeded in attracting names that left a positive impression in its distinctive comic appearances on the screen, most of which were in the series “Bint Soghan” in which the names were distinguished: Khalaf Al-Ahbabi, Easa Kayed, Muhammad Al-Kaabi , Abdullah Bohagos, Khalifa Al Saadi, Adel Khamis, Ali Manea, Tariq Al Ghafri, Abdul Rahman Al Zaidi, and Child Khalifa. Many faces have succeeded in the roles of the female championship, such as Haifa Al-Ali, Fatima Al-Bandari, Mawari Abdullah, Rehab Al-Attar, Zainab Al-Qunaidly, and Rasha Al-Ubaidi.

Gulf faces

On the level of Gulf business, the Kuwaiti actress and singer Alaa Al-Hindi’s experience is distinguished this year in presenting a different role in the series “Umm Haroun”, after her brilliance in the character of “Zenobah” “Khalla Al-Fareej”, through which “Carter” presented an entirely new role in Gulf drama. , And formed a case that might have revealed the birth of a new Gulf star. While the Saudi media presented Heba Hussein, her first successful comedy roles through her participation in the series "Exit 7", as she excelled in presenting the character "Samia", the wife of Doki's brother.

- Kamelah Abu Zekri has wagered on new faces this year, in the experience of the joint championship, with "100 W".

- The public got to know a new aspect of Sharif El-Desouki's personality this year, through the "Sebai" character.

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