Vitamin C strengthens the body’s immunity and protects it from many viruses. It also stimulates the performance of human organs and fights aging.

With the emergence of the new Corona virus, doctors recently concluded that vitamin C also helps to fight "Covid 19", according to the German "Duchi Villa" website.

This information is a summary reached by a group of doctors, which included 30 doctors, who treated 300 patients with the emerging coronavirus in Qian Jiyatong Hospital in China. These doctors developed a treatment protocol based on vitamin C, which subsequently proved effective in raising the chances of treatment for the virus and thus reducing mortality.

In a report on the study, Chinese doctors indicated that they injected patients with vitamin C as a liquid liquid, whether they had slight or strong symptoms after they were infected with the Corona virus.

According to the clinical results; The injection of vitamin C as a liquid has had promising results, according to Dr. Richard Sching, the American-Chinese physician and a member of the treatment team, according to German Heilbruckek website.

And because the public cannot obtain a vitamin C injection, as it is only used in medical experiments or in hospitals, these doctors advise ordinary people to rely on their natural reserves of this vitamin to obtain a good daily dose.

It is noteworthy that among the fruits that contain high levels of Vitamin C are pineapple, orange, lemon, and lily (greepfruit). As for broccoli and cabbage, they top the rest of the vegetables with the highest levels of vitamin C.

And because vitamin C quickly passes its action due to heat, it is preferable not to multiply in cooking vegetables, but for a few minutes. It is also advised to eat lemon juice as juice instead of drinking it in tea or hot with honey, as is common when catching a common cold.

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