Corona infection spreads... Host club owner "I can't rest anymore" June 3 18:52

Regarding the succession of infections with the new coronavirus in the downtown area at night, a man who runs a host club that has resumed business said, "If the shop is closed for any longer, the shop will not run".

Yuichi Hojo, who is the chairman of the Kabukicho Host Cooperative Association, an organization made up of owners of some host clubs in Shinjuku Kabukicho, restarted the operation of its own store late last month.

Regarding the fact that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government pointed out that there was a succession of infections of people involved in the food and drink business in the downtown area at night, Hojo said, ``We continued to refrain from marketing for two months from March, However, in downtown downtown areas, just paying rent and administration costs more than 1 million yen a month, so business will stop and business will resume. "Because the national and metropolitan areas are not fully compensated, we have no choice but to continue operating in order to support our families and employees, and if we take no more leave, the store will not run."

"No one will compensate me if I get crushed"

In addition, Junichi Kudo, acting on behalf of the Tokyo Metropolitan Social Eating and Drinking Business Sanitation Association Shinjuku Branch, which is an association of snacks and bars in Shinjuku Ward, said, ``In Shinjuku City, the number of restaurants that are restarting business with the entertainment business with entertainment is increasing. Even if I hear about what Tokyo is saying and I'm crushed, no one will compensate me, so I'm forced to open. There are also stores that are open without electricity. There is an increasing number of stores that will resume business in the future."