No Edwards made her first film role in Olle Hellbom's movie Raggare! 1959. She was then a leading member of the free group in Lund, which then developed into the theater group and the prog band National Theater. Together with the then husband Folke Edwards, she played a crucial role in the decision to move the theater group from Lund to Gothenburg, where the group created eleven pieces between 1969 and 1972.

She later worked at the Gothenburg City Theater and co-founded Angered's theater.

No Edwards also starred in TV series and films such as Gyllene in 1975, Tryggare can not be ... 1984, Harry & Sonja 1996 - and most recently in Wallander - the photographer from 2006. In 2010 she also starred in the theater set Metallflickan at the Theater Galeasen in Stockholm .

Inga Edwards turned 82 years old.

See Inga Edwards play the Dove Witch in the dramatization of Selma Lagerlöfs Gösta Berling's saga in SVT's Open Archives.