Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Young People, affiliated with the "Art" Foundation for Promoting and Supporting Media Art for Children and Youth, revealed that it is available through its platform "At Our Home Cinema", which was recently launched by nine new films from eight countries, which are shown for free Until next July.

The festival announced the extension of film screenings through the podium until the end of next month, after it was scheduled to be shown until the end of last May, to give fans of the seventh art the opportunity to enjoy cinematic works, and it will also continue to present works as conditions require to remain close to the audience, in Maintain the social divergence measures imposed by the outbreak of the emerging Corona virus.

From Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

The platform from Bahrain displays two works, the first "Zainab" directed by Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed, who for 16 minutes tells the story of the child's struggle, "Ali", and his endeavor to restore sight to his girlfriend "Zainab" in a distinctive drama.

In addition to the work "Surig" by his director, Hashem Sharaf, who, within six minutes, talks about the circumstances that led an Indian child living in a Gulf country to know his father's job.

From Saudi Arabia, the platform presents the director's film, Lulwa Al-Abdul Wahid, “Voice Note,” which introduces viewers, within 16 minutes, to the relationship that arises between Hussein Al-Tareq, a patient staying in a hospital room as a result of a chronic disease, and his pocket record device, which he relies on to record his thoughts .

On a tour towards the horizons of human drama, the stage presents the Norwegian movie "Mama's Poetry" by his director, Maya Arniklev, who, through silent work, recounts a journey that mothers can recover from and cures from cancer, as the work presents beautiful pictures that express mixed human feelings.


The pioneers of the platform will be on a date with the Australian movie "Sherbert Rosenkrantz - You are Beautiful" by director Natalie Van den Dongen, who narrates, in 10 minutes, a friendship between "Millie" and her pet that she spends a lot of time with, despite the presence of friends from The humans around her, in a combination that enhances children's relationship with pets. The platform also features the Portuguese movie "Affiliation", directed by Laura Sixas, which in 17 minutes highlights the friendship between young woman Emilia seeking the search for her parents after World War II, and the young Austrian refugee Thomas, in a plot based on a story Real to the director's grandmother.

On a trip floating around the spectators towards the most prominent traditions around the world, the Spanish movie "Shirts to the Sky" by director Jordi Ferry Pattaya takes his followers to get to know one of the most prominent traditions of a small town, the human horoscopes known as "Anxanita", in an innovative cinematic mix that tells the story of the child Kim worries his mother when he goes up to these towers, and lots of interesting events.


The platform features the feature film from Switzerland, directed by Stefan Gagger, "Big Sumer" (98 minutes), and tells how Sumer explores life after traveling and overcoming its loneliness.

The platform introduces the British animated film "Shock Therapy" by directors Matthew Landor and Bali Angel, who talks, within six minutes, of the fear that inhabits Jim when he sees the simplest and greatest things, but he quickly made a decision to overcome all these situations, to start A new chapter in his life.

• The Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Young People, gives fans of the seventh art the opportunity to enjoy unique works.

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