From the afternoon of Thursday, June 4, the metropolitan area will begin to warm, weather forecasters predict. Rains in Moscow and Moscow region will last until the end of the week, but at the weekend they will already become short-lived.

On Thursday night, rains may intensify, but during the day there will be a trend towards better weather, Tatyana Pozdnyakova, chief specialist of the Meteorological Bureau of the capital, told RT.

“By noon it will be cloudy with clearings. The temperature will rise to +18 ... + 20 ° С during the day, ”the weather forecaster explained.

At the end of the working week, the metropolitan region will be on the warm side of the cyclone. Therefore, with variable cloud cover at night, precipitation is practically not expected, and only short-term rains are possible during the day.

On Friday, the temperature background will remain almost the same as on the previous day - it will be about +20 ° C. On Saturday night in the region, it is expected from +7 to +12 ° С, and the daytime temperature will range from +17 to +22 ° С. In Moscow, the day will be +20 ... + 22 ° C. On Sunday it will become warmer - both night and day, weather forecasters predict. At night, temperatures from +14 to + 16 ° С are expected, during the day +23 ... + 25 ° С.

The supervisor of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, Roman Vilfand, explained to RT that on Thursday afternoon the air circulation will begin to change, warm air masses will begin to come to the capital, first from the east, then from the southeast and south. Therefore, in the second half of Thursday, as well as on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there will be a movement of warm air masses. Partly cloudy expected, the sun will peek out.

“Sometimes there will be rains, but these rains will be summer, warm and short. On Thursday and Friday, the temperature will be in the range of +20 ° C. On Saturday, the temperature will rise to +23 ° C, and Sunday is expected to reach +25 ° C. In the following days, temperature drops are not predicted, ”says Roman Wilfand.

In general, air temperature is expected to be around and above normal throughout almost the entire country, said the weather forecaster: “The weather will be heterogeneous, this week is a great example of the variability of summer weather, when the temperature at the beginning of the week corresponds to April weather, and at the end to July.”

“Such variability will be characteristic of the whole summer,” Villefand believes.

Anatoly Tsygankov, deputy head of the Roshydromet situation center, also confirmed to RT that good weather is expected at the end of the week and weekends.

According to him, variable cloud cover with clearings is expected by the weekend, and atmospheric pressure will also increase.

“Temperatures will be almost summer. On Saturday night +9 ... + 14 ° С, and during the day +20 ... + 24 ° С. On Sunday night +12 ... + 17 ° С, +21 ... + 26 ° С. About the same weather is expected on Monday and Tuesday, at the beginning of next week, ”said Tsygankov.

Regarding the forecast for the summer of 2020, the chief specialist of the Meteorological Bureau of the capital noted that long-term forecast models are extremely unstable. However, according to the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center, all three months of the summer are expected to be a degree and a half higher than the climatic norm.

“So we have a perspective and it is rosy,” Pozdnyakova concluded.

Anatoly Tsygankov, deputy head of the Roshydromet situational center, also confirmed: “The summer will be hot in Russia as a whole.”

Recall, from June 1, in accordance with the decree of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, the second stage of mitigation of restrictive measures began in the capital.

Citizens are allowed walks and outdoor sports. from 5:00 to 09:00 this can be done without restrictions. At the same time, from 09:00 to 21:00, residents can go for a walk according to the schedule, which can be found on the portal.

Commenting on the schedule of walks, the city authorities emphasize that this is a necessary measure to preserve the health of Muscovites.

“What will happen if Muscovites yearned for festivities at the same time all come out?” Of course, we are very afraid of this, and in no case should the epidemiological situation worsen. Therefore, we ask for a little more patience, to see how this regimen will operate for two weeks, and if we do not see the growth of new patients, if the situation only improves, we can take further measures to weaken the regime, ”the deputy mayor emphasized in late May. Moscow Anastasia Rakova.