Cyril Hanouna will be back in September on C8 - 2017 / Cyrille GEORGE JERUSALMI / C8

Big sums, tears, a merciless banker, so many ingredients that make the program Take it or leave it . Since his return to the air on C8, the program hosted by Cyril Hanouna brings together 788,000 viewers between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. With this nice score, the host announced that the show could be back in September.

“  Take it or leave it , at 99%, will come back to school. In what form, we will tell you very quickly on C8. Either it will come back in the week, that is practically certain, or it will come back perhaps in daily life, "said Cyril Hanouna on the set of C que du kiff this Tuesday, June 2. The 6 pm box, just before Touche pas à mon poste , would be a track explored by the chain.

Let's enjoy summer! takes the place of C as kiff

Cyril Hanouna and his shows will bow out for the season on Thursday June 18. Take it or leave it will therefore stop, as well as C , and will both leave room for a new program. From June 22, C8 will offer Kiffons in the summer! , the summer version of Touche pas à mon poste with happenings and debates. In addition, Cyril Hanouna revealed that C8 will broadcast “the best-of of all the prime time that we have done chronologically, from the first to the last, with a whole story. The fanzouzes will not be left behind this summer!


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