China News Agency, Kunming, June 2 (Reporter Hu Yuanhang) China’s only Dulong and Nu Autonomous County, Gongshan County, Yunnan Province, has recently encountered rare rainstorms and many natural disasters such as mudslides and landslides. The reporter learned from the Gongshan County Government Information Office on the 2nd that the disaster has caused 2 deaths and 6 disappearances; at present, communications and external traffic in Gongshan County have been restored, and stranded tourists are returning one after another.

  From May 24 to 28, Gongshan County suffered from the largest continuous heavy rain weather process since the meteorological record. Natural disasters such as mudslides and landslides occurred in many places, resulting in road traffic, communications, electricity, crops, houses, and water supply in the county When the damage was severe, more than 1,000 tourists were stranded.

  According to statistics, as of 18:00 on June 1, the rainstorm disaster caused a total of 2 deaths, 6 missing, 2 injured, 9261 people affected, 2784 emergency resettlement, caused a total economic loss of 71303 million yuan.

  After several days of emergency repairs, at present, the damaged road from Liuku to Gongshan County of National Highway 219 and the damaged section from Gongshan County to Bingzhongluo have been rushed through. The Dulongjiang Highway, the only gathering place of the Dulong people, leading to the outside world is still interrupted, and a total of 58.8 kilometers have been rushed through. Among them, Gongshan was 52.8 kilometers away from Dulongjiang Township, and Dulongjiang Township was 6 kilometers away from Gongshan City. Communications in Gongshan County, Pradi Township, Pangdang Township, Cikai Town, and Dulongjiang Township have all been restored.

  As the external traffic resumes, foreign tourists stranded in Gongshan return one after another. A total of 765 tourists have returned safely; the remaining tourists have been properly resettled. (Finish)