YG responds to LISA's fraud by former brokers, and both parties reach a repayment agreement

  Beijing News After BLACKPINK member LISA was scammed by a former broker and reported by Korean media, its affiliate YG Entertainment issued an official statement on June 2. The statement said that through internal investigations, the fact that LISA was scammed by former broker A was confirmed.

  According to YG Entertainment, the broker has resigned, part of the amount has been repaid, and the remaining part has reached a repayment agreement. In addition, the statement also stated: "Our company is very disappointed in the malicious use of A's trust relationship with the artist, and also deeply feels the responsibility of management and supervision. ".

  Earlier, according to Korean media reports, BLACKPINK member LISA was scammed by 1 billion won (approximately RMB 5.82 million) for gambling by the former broker A, who was investigating real estate for him.