Tongzhuo exposes fraud of school registration, Yan'an Education Bureau participates in cross-provincial investigation

  Beijing News (Reporter Liu Haonan Zhang Jianbin) Artist Zhuo Zhuo revealed that he changed the identity of the previous student to the freshman during the live broadcast, and was questioned for fraud in the college entrance examination. After the Ministry of Education and the Shanxi Provincial Department of Education issued a report saying that they had been involved in the investigation, a reporter from the Beijing News learned from insiders on June 1 that the Education Bureau of Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province also participated in the investigation.

  The Beijing News previously reported that according to public information, the birthplace of artist Tong Zhuo was Linfen City, Shanxi Province. On May 31, the director of a village in Yuncheng, Shanxi confirmed to reporters that Tong Zhuo’s father, Tong Tianfeng, is now the deputy secretary-general of the Standing Committee of the Linfen Municipal People’s Congress.

  The staff of the First Office of Linfen People's Congress responded to the reporter from the Beijing News that if the same Tianfeng participated in the revision of the school registration, it was purely personal behavior. "Someone in the city is investigating."

  On June 1, a staff member with the surname Wang from the Basic Education Section of the Education Bureau of Yan'an City confirmed that he had received an instruction from the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education to participate in the investigation, but said that the reasons and progress of the investigation were not easily disclosed.