Chongren County Public Security Bureau quickly detected the "5.26" intentional murder case

  China Jiangxi Net/Fuzhou Headline Client He Bin and reporter Zhou Hongguo reported: A few days ago, the Chongren County Public Security Bureau passed a rigorous investigation. After more than 30 hours of continuous hard work, it successfully detected a case of intentional homicide in a room and arrested the crime of suspected homicide The suspect Ai Moumou (male, 43 years old, from Chongren County, Jiangxi Province).

Sudden murder, the girl who was killed in the flower season

  At 9:57 am on May 26, 2020, the Chongren County Public Security Bureau received a report from the masses that a female body was found in a private house in a village in Bashan Town, Chongren County. After receiving the case, the policeman rushed to the scene to conduct a site investigation. The deceased Yang Mou, female, 15 years old, from Chongren County, Jiangxi Province, borrowed a private house from the crime scene and preliminary analysis was homicide. Subsequently, the Chongren County Public Security Bureau quickly launched the homicide detection mechanism, and established a special task force with Huang Zhenhui, deputy county chief and public security bureau chief, to mobilize more than 50 capable police officers to form a special task force on a global scale, striving to solve the crime quickly.

The whole police is approaching

  After the incident, the county party committee, county government, and municipal public security bureau leaders attached great importance and specifically issued instructions to require the task force to work hard to ensure that the criminal suspects are caught as soon as possible to effectively maintain social security and stability. The Criminal Investigation Division of the Municipal Public Security Bureau quickly dispatched personnel to Chongren to guide the investigation of the case.

  During this period, Huang Zhenhui, who was studying abroad, hurried back to the county public security bureau to direct the case detection work, and went to the scene to guide the site investigation and investigation visits, requesting the police of the task force to establish a determination and confidence in the murder. Zhang Xiaojian, deputy secretary of the party committee and political commissar of the bureau, convened members of the ad hoc group on many occasions to hold an ad hoc work analysis meeting to study and determine the investigation ideas and plans. Zhou Qingchun, a member of the Municipal Party Committee and head of the Criminal Investigation Detachment, and Lou Zhijian, political commissar of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Municipal Bureau, also went to Chongren Public Security to guide the "5.26" homicide detection work.

  In order to bring the criminal suspects to justice as soon as possible, all the participating policemen adhered to their posts and worked hard day and night to investigate and solve the case. Fully visit the platoon, collect clues, and let go of any clues. The police of the ad hoc group conducted day-to-day investigations and investigations around the scene of the crime scene, and conducted a one-by-one investigation of the social relations of the deceased during his lifetime. At night, he conducted a work summary report and clarified the next step of the work. Everyone adheres to the same concept, strives to solve the case as soon as possible, and quickly find out the truth to comfort the dead in the spirit of heaven.

Skynet was restored, the suspect was arrested 30 hours later

  Hard work pays off, and there is always gain in giving. After endless hard work, the task force successfully locked and arrested the criminal suspect Ai Moumou 30 hours after the incident.

  In the face of interrogation by the police, the suspect Ai Moumou calmed down at first, made various sophistry about his criminal facts, concealed himself at the crime scene, and refused to explain the criminal facts. However, in the face of the iron evidence, the criminal suspect Ai Mou finally truthfully explained the crime of deliberately killing Yang.

  According to the criminal suspect Ai Moumou, when he passed by the victim Yang's house recently, he found that Yang was often at home alone, and he felt bad. At around 24:00 on May 25, 2020, the suspect Ai Moumou climbed into the victim's room and committed misconduct against the victim. After discovering that the victim struggled to resist, Ai Moumou covered her mouth and choked her neck and suffocated her head with a quilt to sexually assault. She fled the scene immediately after discovering that the victim died.

  At present, the case is still under trial.