Government cloth mask To more than 5,000 donated part-care facilities Nagoya June 2, 12:15

With respect to the government's cloth masks, more than 5,000 masks have been sent to an organization in Nagoya City, which was soliciting donations from people who did not use it, and part of it was delivered to a nursing home on the 2nd.

“Mimamo Nagoya”, which is made by medical and nursing care providers, has called for donations from people who don't use the cloth masks distributed by the government since last month, and has 86 locations in Aichi, Gifu, Mie and Shizuoka. We have set up a mask collection box at our pharmacy and accept donations by mail.

Approximately 2500 sets, 5,000 masks have arrived to this group from the whole country by 1st, so members of the group visited the group home where the elderly live in Showa-ku, Nagoya on the morning of the 2nd and handed 100 sets. It was.

In group homes, staff members use cloth masks to help users bathe.

Takayuki Kobe, who received the mask from “Maiyama from Group Home”, said, “I'm happy because I wanted more as I thought about the future. I want to use it carefully to protect users.” ..

It means that donations of government cloth masks will be accepted until the end of this month, as long as they are unopened.

Shunsuke Hayashi, Deputy Representative of "Mima-Momo Nagoya", said, "I'm surprised that the masks have been sent from all over the country. There are facilities that still need cloth masks, so I would like you to continue sending them." It was