Doctors advised not to eat some nutrients in case of anxiety, which is a natural reaction to stressful moments and health diseases.

Namely: Caffeine: Daily caffeine intake can cause anxiety and depression.

Imperative substances: Any long-acting or preserved substances that can cause anxiety among people with poor mental health, as these substances impede the functions of the body that range from digestion to the nervous system of people, who suffer from "histamine" intolerance.

Sugars: All types of sugary foods cause mood disorders and anxiety during fluctuating blood sugar levels, as food items containing "added sugar", such as tomato sauce, salad sauce, soft drinks, white bread and ready-to-eat foods, can trigger many feelings Simultaneously, which makes you feel tired and anxious at the same time.

Some of the safer food options you add to your diet can often curb anxiety, such as avocados rich in antioxidants, berries, green vegetables, almond milk, omega-3 fatty fish and green tea instead of coffee.

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