While protests against the deaths of black men by violent acts of white police are on the verge of violence, broadcaster Eunji Park, who lives in Los Angeles, USA, publicly criticized those who commit violence and plunder.

On the 1st, Eunji Park wrote on her SNS, "Why is this year? I hope nothing happens, but I couldn't sleep because of the sound of a helicopter and a siren all night. Theft, violent protests, stress of these demons."

Park Eun-ji said, "It's harder to go out for a while now. It's harder to pass without a riot. American soldiers I've seen in Yongsan are on the move." did.Singer Yoon Hyun-suk, a jam-born singer who is immigrating from Los Angeles, also expressed worries by revealing the situation in downtown LA where violence is taking place.

In the video released by Hyunsook Yoon, the glass window of Starbucks, a coffee chain store, was shattered, and dozens of police cars were captured on the road.

He said, "It's scary because I think it's not a movie. It's scary. Still, there's a lot of phone calls from South Korea saying it's okay. There's a lot. I'll be at home for a while.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, protests are spreading across the United States today, causing reports of damage to property in local Korean shops. No casualties have been reported.

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)