Sunny and hot! Beijing's highest temperature will hit 34 ℃ tomorrow, thunderstorms will be "online" at night on the 4th

  China Weather News today and tomorrow (June 2-3), the weather in Beijing is mainly sunny, the heat will escalate again, tomorrow the maximum temperature impact 34 ℃, ultraviolet rays are very strong, go out and do sunstroke protection. Beginning on the 4th, Beijing has increased cloud cover, and thunderstorms may spread in the western and northern regions. The public must bring rain gear and be careful to move slowly.

  In the daytime yesterday, the strong winds in Beijing started gradually, and the southern and eastern regions had relatively strong winds. The gusts once reached about 6 levels. In the evening, a thunderstorm arrived as scheduled. As of 20 o'clock, the city's average rainfall was 2.2 mm, and the largest rainfall occurred in Pinggu West Niujiaoyu 16.7 mm.

This morning, the Beijing sunshine "exposed face", feeling slightly cool. (Picture/Jiang Yi)

  According to the latest forecast of the Beijing Meteorological Observatory this morning, today, Beijing is partly cloudy, turning north to south winds 3 to 4 with a maximum temperature of 32°C. At night, the wind direction is turning to north winds with winds around 3 and a minimum temperature of 21°C.

  During the day on the 3rd, Beijing will continue to be online with sunshine. The sunny and hot weather will be upgraded again, and the maximum temperature can rise to 34°C. On the 4th, the amount of clouds increases during the day and the temperature drops slightly. "online".

  Meteorological experts reminded that it is expected that Beijing will be mainly sunny this day and tomorrow, and the heat will be upgraded again. The ultraviolet ray is very strong, and the public should go out to do sun protection work; Row. On June 1, Beijing officially entered the flood season, which means increased rainfall and strong convective weather. The public must pay attention to the weather forecast at all times and pay attention to personal safety.