China-Singapore Jingwei client, June 2nd (Fu Yumei) "Not much to say, index marriage transfer will become history!" After Beijing issued the new regulations for the number of passenger car shakers on June 1, a Beijing-based intermediary stayed overnight A number of circles of friends were posted to remind everyone to "hurry up".

  It is understood that "fake marriage transfer" means that both parties to the transaction sign an agreement, and the marriage will be transferred in the name of the couple to change the license plate, and the divorce will be processed after completion. Beijing’s new regulations make it clear that from 2021, a marriage relationship will take one year to complete the transfer formalities.

  The Beijing-brand market for buying and selling quickly followed the trend, and reporters from Sino-Singapore Jingwei noticed that many intermediaries began to rush to sell down their indicators before the arrival of next year.

  New latitude and longitude in the data map

Transfer registration, marriage duration needs to be over 1 year

  On June 1, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation and other departments issued the "Provisional Regulations on the Regulation of the Number of Passenger Cars in Beijing (Revision Draft for Consultation Draft)", "Implementation Rules for the Provisional Regulations on the Regulation of the Quantity of Passenger Cars in Beijing" (Revision Draft for Consultation) and The three documents of "Only Distributing New Energy Passenger Car Index Allocation Schemes (Draft for Comment)" are open to the public for comments. In addition to clarifying the priority plan for "car-free households", this policy adjustment also made clear provisions on individual quotas and transfer registration procedures.

  The Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission said that Beijing intends to increase the limit on the number of individual applications for updating indicators, and each person can only keep a maximum of one passenger car indicator. If there are more than one passenger car registered in Beijing under the name of one person, the individual is allowed to transfer to the spouse, children and parents of the passenger car not registered in Beijing under the name of the vehicle, and the transferee does not need the indicator certificate. To meet the conditions of "individual whose place of residence is in this city".

  However, when handling the registration of vehicle changes between couples and the transfer of divorce and disintegration vehicles, the conditions of marriage for one year must be met; if there are more than two passenger cars registered in Beijing under an individual’s name, the When a child transfers a registered vehicle, the duration of the kinship relationship between the transferee and the owner of the vehicle registration also needs to expire for one year.

  In addition, if a family applicant divorces, and the minibus has been registered in Beijing under the name of the original spouse at the time of divorce, the divorce should be at least ten years when applying for registration of configuration indicators, except for those who have divorced before June 1, 2020.

  The Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission pointed out that after the implementation of the new regulations, it will use the big data of marriage and population information to conduct a rigorous review.

  It is reported that Beijing has implemented measures to control the number of passenger cars since 2011, and it has been more than 9 years. The above "Interim Provisions" and "Implementation Rules" are planned to be implemented in 2021.

"The last few months of Beijing brand transfer"

  The new regulations not only affect the "number-shaking army", but also affect the long-term intermediary that uses the Beijing brand for sale, lease and transfer. In the "fake marriage transfer", the marriage relationship serves as the "pass" for both parties to the transfer of the Beijing brand transfer registration. "Flash marriage and flash separation" is the basic guarantee. Today, requiring more than one year of marriage time makes this "grey" business unviable.

  "It will definitely not be possible next year, and no one knows whether the vehicle management office will take any action in advance," an intermediary said. A number of Beijing-branded agents said that they can now complete the full set of procedures for marriage, license plate transfer, and divorce in about a month. "Within two weeks of expediting, we now want to move in and out quickly under special circumstances." said the agent.

  "Because of the policy impact, the price of the Beijing brand index plummeted. If you want to buy it, start quickly. The Beijing brand transfers in the last few months." Beijing brand intermediary Zhou Yu (pseudonym) posted in the circle of friends.

  "How old are you?" "Male and female?" "Where are you?" "Do you want to be local or foreign?" Just like a marriage broker, a reporter from China and Singapore Jingwei needs to answer the above questions when consulting about "fake marriage transfer" .

  Among the handling prices given by Zhou Yu, "male standard" is 125,000 to 130,000, and "female standard" is 140,000 to 145,000. The so-called "male standard" is to find a male with a license plate to get married. More than Zhou Yu's family, many have more male car labels and their prices are cheaper than "female labels". In addition, the license plates of locals in Beijing are 2,000-3,000 more expensive than those of foreigners.

  Zhou Yu emphasized, "This is already the lowest price this year. We now have the mentality of being able to make a single order." In fact, this "lowest price" was heated up last year.

  In November of last year, the new policy for the management of foreign-licensed vehicles in Beijing was officially implemented, and it was called the "most stringent policy in history" policy. On the eve of the implementation of the New Deal, a survey conducted by the reporters of Sino-Singapore Jingwei found that the intermediary fees for fake marriages rose from 70,000 to 80,000 to a minimum of 150,000.

  Another intermediary Xiaoyue (pseudonym) also gave a price of 130,000. "Affected by the epidemic situation, there are new rules for shaking the number. Now is the time for the lowest price. It is hard to say if it is not done."

  Xiaoyue said that future market variables are not easy to say. On the one hand, there are only half a year left for the transfer of fake marriages. Many people may take the "last train" at this time. On the other hand, from next year, only one indicator can be retained under the name of one person, so the indicators for selling and renting may also increase.

  The reporter of China Jingxin Jingwei noticed that on the platforms such as Tieba and QQ, since the release of the new regulations in the afternoon on the 1st, many Beijing-based buyers, sellers and intermediaries have all started to publish news. "Offer" and other words. "Next year, the indicator needs to be matched with the marriage for one year. Who dares to buy it? Can your brand sell at a price?" one netizen said.

Is the "prenuptial agreement" valid?

  In addition to outdoor, Beijing brand intermediaries often provide rental services. According to the price given by Zhou Yu, renting 20,000 for 1 year, 48,000 for 3 years, and so on, the longer the rent, the more cost-effective. However, since the lease term indicators do not belong to the lessor, there are also greater risks. Most intermediaries will also recommend "fake marriage transfer" as a "once and for all" method.

  How to reassure customers to marry a stranger? Zhou Yu provided a "prenuptial agreement".

  Screenshot of the "Prenuptial Agreement" section

  The agreement stipulates that both parties to the transaction must voluntarily dissolve their marital status after the license plate formalities are completed, and they must not interfere with each other’s property, family, etc. during the marriage, and must not incur common debts or interfere with each other’s life. To put it simply, except for the transfer of license plates, the other parties shall not be tied up in a marriage relationship.

  Can this agreement avoid risks? On December 23 last year, the Tongzhou court notified a case that Ms. Zhou failed to manage the Beijing license and her "husband" had disappeared. She could only sue the court to resolve the "difficult divorce" problem.

  According to Liu Pingping, the official of the case, at the time, the intermediary promised that Ms. Zhou could obtain the license plate within 15 days by divorce license plate transfer. Only an intermediary fee of 30,000 yuan and a "thank you fee" of 120,000 yuan were required. The two parties also signed an "Agreement". But the night before the license plate transfer, the intermediary and the "husband" suddenly shut down and lost contact.

  Liu Pingping reminded that there is no "fake marriage" in law. As long as the marriage certificate is registered at the Civil Affairs Bureau, the two parties are legal couples. Even if the marriage relationship between the two parties only lasts for a short time, there is a party who carries debts and divorces out of thin air. At the time of the property being divided and other risks, in the case of Ms. Zhou in this case, it is easy to cause the two people to be empty.

  In fact, there are many precedents for fraud cases involving Beijing-brand transactions, and there are many hidden dangers behind taking risks.

  In September last year, the Beijing Dongcheng District Procuratorate investigated a criminal fraud involving the Beijing brand. Prosecutor Liu Yingying of the case introduced that 12 of the 19 victims were deceived for buying Beijing licenses, and some of them bought 6 Beijing licenses for relatives and friends at one time and were defrauded by more than 420,000 yuan. Liu Yingying said that during the return visit, most of the victims were reluctant to talk about their deceived experiences in detail. "They know that the Beijing trading is illegal, but they are all lucky."

Beijing Communications Commission: Maintain the seriousness of the policy of small bus indicators

  Although there have been a number of policies stipulating that Beijing brand private trading is not allowed, due to the need for cars, a senior person in the Beijing used car market said that Beijing brand trading has been a popular business in the used car market for many years. "On the one hand, this business is profitable, the market is large, and there are many people willing to take risks. On the other hand, there are many people who have idle license plates and can't shake the number. The intermediary just connects them."

  New Jingwei Fu Yumei photo in Beijing used car market data map

  According to the results of the latest wave of small bus indicators in Beijing in April this year, the ratio of successful bids was about 2898:1, and the difficulty reached a record high.

  During the two sessions of the National Congress in 2020, Wang Yanqing, member of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Changping District Committee, Minister of the Organization Department, and Minister of the United Front Work, proposed a "Proposal to Solve the Problem of Traveling by Beijing Citizens When Buying a Car" Wang Yanqing pointed out that some non-Beijing nationals are not currently working in Beijing, but they have Beijing-brand vehicles; some people illegally lease the Beijing-brand vehicles to those in need in Beijing, causing certain hidden dangers to social stability.

  "Now the number of people participating in the number-sharing is large, because no matter whether they have the Beijing brand or not, almost the whole family joins in the number-sharing, and some do not need to buy a car, but after shaking the number, the taxi plate can earn a part of the profit, resulting in the urgent need for vehicle families to shake Shake'indefinitely.' Wang Yanqing said.

  On the 1st, in response to the regulation that the couple's vehicle registration needs to be married for one year, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission said that this action is to effectively crack down on the illegal behavior of buying and selling small passenger car indicators through marriage registration, increase the perpetrator's illegal risk and cost, and maintain small The seriousness of the passenger car index regulation policy. (Sino-Singapore Jingwei APP)

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