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EL MUNDO has reached an agreement with Legálitas to give its Premium subscribers the most comprehensive legal advice and assistance service, completely free of charge. Now, the most vibrant, bold and non-conformist annual journalism subscription offers, as always, the most rigorous coverage of current affairs, the most exclusive and uncomfortable reports and interviews for power, and the most influential and useful analysis to be well informed. But, in addition, it incorporates a unique and differential added value: a free year of Legálitas Plus , the comprehensive solution of the leading company in the sector to guarantee the defense and protection of its users. [ SUBSCRIBE HERE ]

The coronavirus crisis and its tremendous impact on the employment, economy and social life of Spaniards have triggered their needs for legal advice: what to do before an ERTE and how to process the benefit, how to react to non-payment of rent or negotiate a postponement or a discount , how to claim if a home purchase comes to me in poor condition, what to do if I want to get divorced or ensure compliance with the visitation regime or I have received a traffic fine with which I do not agree ...

EL MUNDO partners with Legálitas to provide trustworthy care to its most loyal community of followers. They just have to sign up for a Premium annual subscription with the Legálitas offer. The best journalism is combined with the most practical and efficient service.

Legálitas Plus is a comprehensive plan that includes the management of all user claims, negotiate on their behalf to guarantee their rights and find the best solution, and assume their defense and that of their family in civil and criminal trials if they are sued or reported, at no additional cost.

Legálitas' 800 attorneys will always be available for any consultation, 24 hours and for all matters , also to review and write any document: claims, contracts or tax returns. The Legálitas Plus service has a market value of almost 240 euros a year, but with Premium you can enjoy it to its fullest extent for the price of an annual subscription to the unmistakable and irreverent journalism of EL MUNDO: 47 euros.

The Legálitas network of 277 law firms has responded each year for two decades to more than one million inquiries from 300,000 individual clients and 10 million through other companies. All of their attorneys have at least eight years of experience. Since the state of alarm was decreed, tens of thousands of citizens have addressed them. Work, consumption and housing have represented two thirds of the total, 65.83% of the questions, claims or demands received in this period.

28.78% of all citizens who went to Legálitas these days consulted on labor matters, consulting on issues related to ERTE, layoffs, reductions in hours, vacations and other worker rights, or the different benefits that apply to Social Security or mutuals.

Lawyers of Legálitas in the offices of the firm ANGEL NAVARRETE

Consumption has been another of the most active matters these weeks, registering 20.39% of the inquiries made, especially for the cancellation of vacation packages, problems with mortgage payments or contracts for all kinds of supplies, such as light, water, gas or telephony. The main queries are: What will happen with the contracted trips? Can I negotiate with the bank if I have been fired and cannot pay the mortgage? Will I recover the gym fee that I already have paid without being able to go? What about soccer on TV? Is it legal to stop paying my children's school for being closed or for extracurricular activities?

The crisis has also caused a multitude of doubts about what to do in our neighborhood communities and, above all, with the relations between tenants and owners due to the non-payments of rent caused by the crisis, representing 16.65% of the inquiries received. .

What happens to my rental agreement that ended during the alarm state? Can you kick me out? When do I resume the work that I have stopped at my home? What do I do with the annoying neighbor? Can I evict my tenant these days? How to move if I can't leave the house? What happens to the rental agreement for a student apartment now that there are no classes?

Statement of income

During the Income campaign, many users ask for a revision of their draft or help to prepare it to make sure they have access to all the deductions to which they are entitled. And claims for traffic fines and penalties are one of the most popular classic services in Legálitas. In Civil, inheritances and wills have motivated many inquiries, as have custodians and regulatory agreements for children. Freelancers and small businessmen have also turned to Legálitas' lawyers to find out what to expect at each stage of the de-escalation, how to adapt their business or how to respond to any sanction.

The EL MUNDO Premium subscription will continue to be the best option for readers who want to be well informed. The unwavering commitment of your newspaper to truthfulness and excellence, the guarantee of independent and rigorous information, can now be enjoyed with the peace of mind of having your backs well covered with the trustworthy service of Legálitas Plus.

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