Checking visitors' body temperature Demonstration test of "virtual security guards" June 1: 12:57


In preparation for the spread of the new coronavirus infection, a "virtual security guard" equipped with AI = artificial intelligence started a demonstration test in Tokyo to check the body temperature of visitors such as office buildings. It is expected that reducing contact with people will reduce the risk of infection for visitors and security guards.

This demonstration test started at the head office building of a major security company "SECOM" in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, and a "virtual guard" equipped with AI confirmed whether visitors had a fever with a camera that automatically measures body temperature. I will.

A 3D character in the shape of a guard displayed on a life-size display interacts with the visitor, and if the measured body temperature is 37.5 degrees or higher, it will guide you to measure again.

By using the new 5G communication standard, high-definition images can be sent to another room where security guards are stationed for monitoring.

In order to prevent suspicious persons from entering the office building, we are considering installing gates and other services to open and close them.

This system was developed in order to eliminate the labor shortage of security guards, but it is also expected to reduce the risk of infection of visitors and resident security guards.

Seya Hasegawa, General Manager of Secom Planning Department, said, "By utilizing virtual guards, it is possible to measure body temperature and perform simple exchanges without human intervention, so I think that it can help prevent the spread of infection." I was talking.