For the first time since coming to power, Vladimir Zelensky demonstrates that he has a character and is ready to act extremely harshly, defending his interests. Only such a conclusion can be drawn by reading the presidential bill on military registration introduced in the Verkhovna Rada. Two words about its essence. Firstly, it is proposed to increase fines for violation of military records by six to seven times, both by conscripts and officials. The size of penalties is unthinkable for the vast majority of Ukrainian citizens - they simply never held such money in their hands: the document contains amounts from 30 thousand hryvnias to half a million.

Secondly, in case of adoption of the law, the head of state receives the right to form a parallel army of reservists. He will be able to call them with his decision for up to six months and send them anywhere. Not only a space penalty is envisaged for draft evasion, but also criminal liability.

It is quite clear that the president intends to establish the rule of right-wing radicals by the norms of this law, most of which participated in hostilities and therefore are officially listed in the reserve. It is Zelensky who will be able to send anywhere for six months, if they suddenly again want to “straighten his brains” on any topic, be it the Minsk Agreements or any other issue on which the authorities have serious differences with the nationalists.

But it is very likely that the tightening of responsibility for the reluctance to call or register on the eve of the local elections on the eve of the presidential finger can seriously undermine Zelensky’s electoral position. The problem is that the majority of its voters, as shown by opinion polls, are principled opponents of the war in the Donbass. Accordingly, for them, military service, which involves the need to participate in an armed conflict and kill people, is unacceptable.

This became absolutely clear even during the reign of Petro Poroshenko, when, one after the other, in the first years of the war, conscription to the army fell. The number of draft dodgers actually on each of them exceeded the number of those who obediently appeared in the military enlistment offices. Zelensky's predecessor decided not to resort to repression, so as not to provoke large-scale discontent of the population. In Ukraine, a social contract was in force and continues to function, according to which citizens allow those in power to steal, but the ruling elite in exchange for this does not try to force people to do anything. Including to participate in a military conflict.

Poroshenko solved the issue very simply. He closed the call and began to complete the units sent to the front line, exclusively by contract soldiers.

It is this scheme that the current president intended to change. Moreover, it is very sharp and uncompromising. However, it is extremely doubtful that he will succeed, for several reasons. In order for Ukrainian citizens to decide that they have a duty to defend Ukraine with arms in their hands, they need to be explained that the war in Donbass really meets the interests of the country, and is not a project of right-wing radical forces that do not enjoy any serious support.

So far this has not been possible and is unlikely to succeed. In addition, the country itself, which is the feeding trough of the oligarchs, is not perceived by society as in need of protection. It is extremely difficult to consider a state in which only one mechanism - the theft of public funds - the homeland, is extremely difficult. The level of public loyalty to such a structure of state affairs is extremely low.

And the final touch in the picture. Zelensky himself is a malicious deviator. He received four subpoenas from the military registration and enlistment office, but he never showed up there, although since 2008 he has been registered with the military in Krivoy Rog and has the military rank of “soldier”, specializing in business clerical work. This information was provided by the Ministry of Defense in response to the deputy’s request. They are widely known. It is not entirely clear why the head of state, who did not consider it necessary to become a defender of the fatherland, has the right to demand this from someone.

It seems that we are talking about provocation in general. Someone slipped Zelensky bill in order to undermine his electoral position. It is clear that people will refuse to vote for candidates from the “Servant of the People”, realizing that the person whom they elected president a year ago intends to send them to slaughter, threatening fabulous fines or criminal punishment.

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