Jung Chan-sung and Park Sun-young unveiled the real world of couples.

Korean zombie Jung Chan-sung joined his wife Park Sun-young in SBS'Dong Sang Imong Season 2-You Are My Destiny', which was broadcast on the 1st.

On the day of the broadcast, Park Seon-young recommended Jeong Chan-sung to undergo a crown surgery. Park Sun-young, who thought it was unreasonable to have more than three children, suggested an extraordinary measure.

However, Jeong Chan-sung strongly objected to vasectomy. In response, Park Sun-young reassured her husband, saying, "It only blocks the vas deferens and has nothing to do with testosterone production." Nevertheless, Jung Chan-sung said, "What is testosterone is important to me?

Then, Park Sun-young said, "It is possible to restore again. I'll hold your hand, so let's go to the hospital together." Jung Chan-sung said, "I will do well."

In response, Park Seon-young asked, "I have repeated pregnancy and childbirth three times in five years." Jung Chan-sung replied, "Isn't there a fourth in the 20th month? I'm doing well."

Even afterwards, Park Seon-young continued to ask for vasectomy, and Jung Chan-sung trembled, saying, "I am good at controlling." In response, Park Seon-young said, "Are you three children because you're good at controlling them? You're not controlling them, you're not controlling them."

Also on this day, Jung Chan Sung caught his eye by showing his wife being held tight. Jung Chan-sung said, "I think that's because kids shouldn't live without their mother. I think they live by matching rather than being caught. It's two different things."

And on that day, Ha Jae-suk challenged the ship's license. Jae-suk Ha challenges her license while her husband, Jun-haeng Lee is watching.

Jae-suk Ha hid his trembling heart and drove smoothly. And the candidates headed for the most difficult course.

S-shaped high-level course. However, Ha Jae-sook just bumped into the buoy and continued cruising. And even the most difficult emergency stops without hesitation for a while.

Interim evaluation results passed. Hence, we headed to the lifesaving course, the final gateway. Ha Jae-suk did not confuse the confusing term and even completed the lifesaving.

Prior to the announcement of the final scoring result, Jae-suk Ha couldn't hide his trembling heart. Results passed. I only got a second class license at a time.

Accordingly, Lee Jun-haeng celebrated Ha Jae-sook with a placard. Ha Jae-sook smiled happily while looking at her husband, who was preparing for surprise without her knowledge. 

(SBS funE reporter Hyo-Jung Kim)