Amid the recent deaths of unarmed blacks by white police in the United States, Hollywood stars also joined the protests, adding to the voice of anger.

Rapper and actor Nick Cannon marched alongside Minneapolis protesters on the 29th of last month, wearing a jacket that George Floyd's last words, 'Please, I Can't Breathe'. 

Popular pop star Ariana Grande also announced on 1st that she was participating in the protest. Participating in a protest in Beverly Hills, California, USA, he was holding a sign with the phrase 'Black Lives Matter'.
Ariana Grande shared on her Twitter that "we were passionate, noisy and lovely". In addition, it is known that they responded happily to requests for photos of fans they met at the protest site. 
In collaboration with the group BTS, well-known singer Halsi also shared what he experienced through participating in a protest in Los Angeles on the 30th of last month. He said, "The protesters were peaceful and raised their hands, but the police encouraged the crowd. I fired a shot. I also got two shots. "
Actress Kendrick Sampson, who participated in the Los Angeles protests, was also confirmed to have been bruised by a rubber bullet shot by the police. Samson revealed his wounds through his SNS and said, "The police fired by aiming exactly at me." 

In addition, it has been reported that a dangerous situation such as the Hollywood actor John Kussac, who participated in the Chicago protest, was threatened with a riot bar. We are sending voices of cheer to the stars who participated in the protests directly, even in situations where it could be dangerous. 

(Photo: Tina She, Nick Cannon Instagram, Ariana Grande, Halsey Twitter)