[Same period] Wu Yongsheng, a resident of Datong Lake in Yiyang, Hunan

  I am more confident than Yuan Longping. Yuan Longping is not as tall as mine. (Mu yield) 3000 (jin) My 3 mu 2 cents field is not more than 10,000 Jin, Yuan Longping's mu yield is 2000 Jin, I also exceed him.

  [Commentary] In the picture, the old farmer who laughed and claimed that he had farmed more acres than Yuan Longping, named Wu Yongsheng, was 75 years old this year. Decades ago, he migrated from Dazhou, Sichuan, to the main producer of high-quality rice in Hunan, Datong Lake in the hinterland of Dongting Lake, and he has been living on farming.

  Wu Yongsheng told reporters that he has been growing rice all his life. When the highest yield is counted, it must be that after the two-year trial of "rice field trusteeship", his double-season rice yield per mu reached more than 3,000 kg. Relying on 3 acres and 2 cents of field, after leaving a family of more than 10 basic rations, Wu Yongsheng can not only feed chickens and ducks for sideline business, but also sell 5000 kg of rice every year.

  The reporter learned that Wu Yongsheng's “Paddy Field Trust” is a professional cooperative planting high-quality rice in Datong Lake. By providing mechanized operations, scientific paddy field management and protection, and grain outsourcing sales and other services, he replaced the paddy fields of the left-behind old farmers with weak labor management. , So as to achieve the goal of helping them increase production and income. Peasants who join "rice field trusteeship" can deduct the "trusteeship fee" by helping workers in the cooperative.

  [Same period] Wu Yongsheng, a resident of Datong Lake in Yiyang, Hunan

  We do n’t have to give it to it (cooperative). I have everything to do with it. It has machines for planting seedlings and plowing the fields. It used to be hired. Now it is used for airplanes (agricultural) medicines, and its output is very high.

  [Commentary] Zhao Qizhi, the person in charge of the cooperative, said that he was originally a local grain farmer who transferred rice fields for cultivation. Due to the use of fully mechanized operations, the yield per mu is at least 100 kg higher than that of traditional grain farming, gradually attracting many surrounding farmers to pay. "Please" his agricultural machinery and equipment to help the ground, and then everyone joined together to form a cooperative. At the same time, the cooperative also adopted the “rice field trusteeship” test to attract some old farmers who have children like Wu Yongsheng who are working abroad all year round.

  Zhao Qizhi said that at present, the cooperative has a total of 1200 acres of rice fields, of which the "rice field trusteeship" covers an area of ​​more than 600 acres. Due to the high-quality rice, full mechanization and proper management and protection, the average yield per mu for double-season rice has reached 2600 kg in recent years.

  [Same period] Zhao Qizhi, a resident of Datong Lake in Yiyang, Hunan

  I have a trustee here, and his (mu) output has reached 3100 kg. Although my large area cannot be compared with a small area, it cannot reach 3100 kg. I still want to reach 3000 mu.

  Reporter Xu Zhixiong Fu Jingyi reports from Yiyang, Hunan

Editor in charge: [Song Fangcan]