Xining, Xinhua, May 29 (Reporter Zhang Tianfu) In response to public health concerns about uncertified beauty salons, illegal medical advertisements and other medical and cosmetic industry chaos, a reporter from China New Network learned from the Qinghai Provincial Health Commission on the 29th that the province will Carry out a two-month severe crackdown on illegal medical and cosmetic rectification work.

  It is reported that the relevant departments have conducted special inspections on the basic settings, medical quality management, nursing quality management, and nosocomial infection control of 22 medical beauty institutions and medical beauty departments within the province.

  The person in charge of the policies, regulations and comprehensive supervision office of the Qinghai Provincial Health and Health Commission introduced that in order to make a one-off and one-hit crackdown on illegal medical cosmetology activities, this time the province will conduct a comprehensive clean-up and rectification of medical cosmetology venues in the province, severely crack down on medical cosmetology violations and effectively maintain Public health rights.

  It is reported that this time Qinghai Province will standardize the medical beauty behavior of medical beauty institutions. For example, if the medical beauty institutions that have obtained the "License for Practicing Medical Institutions" are inspected, whether the licenses are within the validity period and whether they are verified on time; whether the attending physicians and other medical personnel are qualified to practice; whether foreign doctors are employed to practice medicine for the record; Whether to publish illegal medical advertisements or illegal medical advertisements, etc.

  In addition, Qinghai will severely investigate and crack down on the illegal conduct of medical cosmetics without obtaining the "License to Practice Medical Institutions". For example, focus on the inspection of life beauty places and unlicensed beauty salons hidden in residential buildings and office buildings, whether it is illegal to carry out the use of surgery, drugs, medical equipment, and other traumatic or invasive medical technology methods. Repair and remodeling of medical beauty services and medical advertisements, etc. (Finish)