Qingdao female lawyer murdered continued: 15-year-old daughter involved in the case, relatives and friends said the two did not conflict

  On the morning of May 28, a memorial service for the murdered female lawyer Zhang Ling was held in the funeral home in Qingdao, Shandong Province. Less than 10 o'clock, many people in black clothes with white flowers on their chests stood at the gate of the memorial hall, holding yellow and white chrysanthemums in their hands, waiting silently.

  In the small room next to the hall was Zhang Ling's relatives, and there was a cry of women in the room. A family member told the Beijing News reporter that Zhang Ling ’s parents and relatives from his hometown rushed to Qingdao to handle the matter. In addition, Zhang Ling's colleagues, university classmates, fellows, friends, etc. all came to see her off.

  According to a report by the Beijing News, on May 25, Shandong Chenggong Law Firm issued an obituary claiming that the lawyer Zhang Ling died at home at the age of 45 due to an accident on May 23 two days ago. After that, a staff member of the Qingdao Municipal Public Security Bureau confirmed to the reporter of the Beijing News that Zhang Ling's 15-year-old only daughter Yao Yao was suspected of major crimes and was under the control of the police. Investigations, interrogations, and evidence collection are ongoing.

On her daughter's birthday, Zhang Ling posted a circle of friends. Beijing News reporter Li Guishe

  The Beijing News reporter found that Zhang Ling was a small and well-known lawyer in Qingdao. He divorced for many years before the murder and took Yao Yao to live in Qingdao alone. Yaoyao is 15 years old this year and has good grades. He has just entered a well-known local middle school to study high school.

  Many people who knew Zhang Ling and Yao Yao said that they had never seen a dispute between their mother and daughter before, and Zhang Ling had not said that Yao Yao was bad. A relative said: "She wanted to wait for her daughter to go to college before considering her personal problems, but she didn't expect this to happen in the end."

The girl did not cry when taken away by the police

  Zhang Ling lived with his daughter Yaoyao on the fourth floor of a small residential area in Qingdao. The blue-green iron gate still bears the golden "Fu" word.

  On the afternoon of May 29th, Jiang Fang, a neighbor living on the third floor, recalled to the Beijing News reporter what happened during the police investigation a few days ago. Jiang Fang remembered that at 9 o'clock on the morning of May 25th, there was a "banging" knocking on the door. After opening the door, she found several policemen standing in the corridor. "The police said knocking on Zhang Ling's door, nobody answered, and the house was locked."

  When the police came to investigate, a neighbor who lived on the first floor just finished shopping and went home. She saw several police cars and a black van parked at the door of the community. She remembered that the black car was somewhat similar to the hearse, but there was no white flower on the front and a warning light was installed on the roof. At the entrance of the stairs, the neighbor saw several policemen lifted the building with a black cloth wrapped in something. The shape of the package looked like a box.

  According to a report by the Beijing News, on May 26, a staff member of the Qingdao Municipal Public Security Bureau confirmed that Zhang Ling had been packed in a suitcase after being killed.

  On the morning of May 25, Ms. Xu, who opened a fruit shop next to the community, saw the police take Yao Yao down from Zhang Ling's house. In a widely circulated video, Yao Yao wore a white T-shirt, light-colored jeans, and a mask, and walked from the door to the police car, followed by two policemen.

  Ms. Xu remembered that Yaoyao did n’t cry at the time and said nothing, “It looks so calm.” At that time, Ms. Xu did n’t know that Zhang Ling had been killed. “What happened to the child before was Zhang Ling running ahead. I At the time, I was still thinking, why was the child taken away, why did n’t I see Zhang Ling? "

A capable mother, a child who rarely contacts people

  According to public information, Zhang Ling is 45 years old and is a partner of Shandong Chenggong Law Firm. He used to be the director of the civil and commercial business department of the institute and the director of the law department of the retrial appeal.

  According to the official website of Shandong Chenggong Law Firm, she graduated from Shandong Normal University and was rated as an advanced individual in Qingdao ’s judicial administration system, an outstanding lawyer representing Qingdao ’s lawyers, an advanced individual in labor dispute arbitration and mediation in Qingdao, and a Shandong Chenggong lawyer. Outstanding lawyers in the firm. In addition, Zhang Ling has been serving as legal counsel and invited legal affairs of Qingdao Children's Welfare Institute and many enterprises all year round, as well as vice president of legal system of Experimental Primary School of Shinan District of Qingdao, and member of Qingdao Education Public Advisory Committee.

  Zhang Ling was interviewed by Qingdao local media many times before his death. After her death, a neighbor saw the news from the community and felt that the deceased was familiar. The neighbor remembered this. Zhang Ling was a specially invited lawyer in the "True Mediation" section of Qingdao TV Station 2. She often saw her on TV.

  In the impression of the neighbors, Zhang Ling's small eyes and glasses are not pretty, but they are very capable, often wearing suits and driving a white car. Once, a neighbor wanted to consult Zhang Ling on legal issues. Zhang Ling was very enthusiastic. "She said it's fine if you say something, it's very polite."

  In Ms. Xu's opinion, Zhang Ling is a very kind person. He will greet himself in and out of the community every day. The whole person looks smiling and friendly.

  Compared with Zhang Ling, the neighbors' impression of Yaoyao is more vague. I only remember that she is about 1.6 meters tall, and she is fatter than her mother. Neighbors rarely see Yaoyao in the community. Occasionally, Yaoyao only greets people he knows well; when he meets unfamiliar people, he leaves without looking up.

  In Jiang Fang's impression, Yao Yao usually didn't talk much. When Zhang Ling was on a business trip, Jiang Fang encountered Yao Yao in the corridor and was about to go out. He told her a few words that she must lock the door at home at night. Yao Yao responded briefly, and went downstairs without saying anything.

In the eyes of outsiders, the mother-daughter relationship is good

  According to previous reports from the Beijing News, an insider said that Zhang Ling and her ex-husband had been divorced for many years, and Yao Yao was only 3 years old at the time of the divorce. The mother and daughter have lived in the community for nearly 10 years, and the neighbors all said that they had never seen Yao Yao's father.

The community where Zhang Ling and his daughter Yaoyao live. Beijing News reporter Li Guishe

  A relative of Zhang Ling said that after Zhang Ling divorced his ex-husband, the ex-husband had no news. Zhang Ling once told relatives that he had to wait for her daughter to go to college before considering personal issues, so she never remarried.

  According to Zhang Ling ’s neighbors, friends and others, Yao and Yao were still in elementary school when Zhang Ling ’s mother and daughter moved to the community. Over the years, Zhang Ling has loved Yaoyao very much, and the mother and daughter have a good relationship.

  For example, when Yaoyao went to junior high school, he was studying in a well-known private middle school in Qingdao, only about 3 kilometers away from the community, but Zhang Ling insisted to drive Yaoyao to school every day. "It wasn't until last fall that Yaoyao attended high school in another school and started to live on campus. Zhang Ling's frequency of picking up and dropping children has become less," said a neighbor.

  Peng Yong opened a shop at the door of Zhang Ling's community and often chatted with Zhang Ling. Zhang Ling also mentioned his family affairs to him. Peng Yong said that when Yaoyao is on holiday, Zhang Ling will take her to travel, and will usually try to meet Yaoyao's living requirements. For example, if the child wants to eat lamb, she asks her friend to kill the live sheep in Inner Mongolia. If the child wants to eat beef, she will ask someone to help buy beef from Australia.

  "Because of work, Zhang Ling often has to travel. But sometimes for the children's exams, she doesn't even travel." Peng Yong said.

  Facing such a mother, Yaoyao did not show dissatisfaction in front of outsiders. Peng Yong said that the two had never quarreled outside. Sometimes Yaoyao didn't bring a key when he went home. He also asked Peng Yong to borrow a cell phone to call Zhang Ling. "It's sweet to call my mother."

  For many years, Jiang Fang, who lived on the third floor, never knew that the mother and daughter on the upper floor had contradictions. "I have never heard the quarreling sound upstairs."

  Peng Yong also remembered that in 2019, Yao Yao passed the piano level ten. At that time, Zhang Ling came to buy things and happily shared the news with him.

  In addition, Yaoyao is also studying painting outside the school. A neighbor said, "Her mother arranged her time very tightly and learned this and that."

  On March 1, 2014, Zhang Ling posted a black and white hand-painted orchid in the WeChat circle of friends and wrote, "The birthday gift my daughter painted me-Tiger Piran."

Zhang Ling presented her daughter's birthday present in the circle of friends. Beijing News reporter Li Guishe

  Similar content related to daughter Yaoyao is not uncommon in Zhang Ling's circle of friends. For example, on June 1, 2013, Zhang Lingfa ’s first circle of friends was sharing photos of Yao Yao ’s going out for camping and participating in tent competitions, when Yao Yao was still in elementary school.

  In addition, Zhang Ling's painting works will be sent to the circle of friends for everyone's praise; Yao Yao and his classmates travel or participate in activities, Zhang Ling will display photos in the circle of friends; Yao Yao won the prize in the chorus competition, Zhang Ling will show the certificate On Yao ’s birthday, Zhang Ling would also sigh: “Thank you daughter for her companionship and experience with me for ten years!”

  The last circle of friends related to Yaoyao was updated on December 27, 2015. Zhang Ling wrote: "Today, children's shoes write a theme composition of 'what do I do XX'. I asked casually: What did you do for your mother? Children's shoes A: I helped you spend money! : ... It's really a child! "According to the time, Yao Yao at that time should be in the sixth grade of primary school.

  However, a WeChat friend of Zhang Ling told the Beijing News reporter that after Zhang Ling's death, Yao Yao may have taken Zhang Ling's mobile phone to delete some of his circle of friends. This WeChat friend remembered that when Yao Yao participated in the mid-term exam in the summer of 2019, Zhang Ling also posted a photo of her mother and daughter before the exam in the circle of friends.

  On the evening of May 27, reporters from the Beijing News did not see relevant content in Zhang Ling's circle of friends. Yaoyao ’s claim to delete the circle of friends has not been confirmed by Zhang Ling ’s other relatives and friends.

  After Zhang Ling was killed, a staff member of the Qingdao Municipal Public Security Bureau confirmed to the Beijing News reporter that his daughter Yaoyao was suspected of having committed a major crime and was under police control and is currently under investigation. The staff member revealed that Yaoyao believed that her mother's demands on her were too strict, which caused mother-daughter conflicts.

  At the memorial service on May 28, a woman told the Beijing News reporter that her child and Yaoyao are classmates, and they are friends with Zhang Ling, "Yaoyao is a very good child, I do n’t know why this happened. thing."

  On March 7, 2020, during the Women's Day event held at Yaoyao School, Zhang Ling once wrote a small poem for Yaoyao.

  She wrote in this poem called "To Daughter": "You have always been the blue sadness in my heart", "I hold you in my mouth, fearing that the heat will hurt the tender shoots of early spring; hold you in your hands, I'm afraid the temperature will melt the edelweiss in early winter "," Daughter, look at me, don't give me your back "...

  (Zhang Ling, Yao Yao, Jiang Fang, Peng Yong are pseudonyms in the text)

  Beijing News reporter Li Gui Liu Ruiming Sun Zhao intern Cao Yifan