Actor Lee Dong-gun and Jo Yoon-hee faced a breakup after three years of marriage, and Lee Dong-gun's reference to changes in marital relationships in entertainment is being revisited.

Lee Dong-gun appeared as a special MC on KBS 2TV 'Happy Together 4' broadcast in September last year. When Jo Yoon-hee, the fixed MC of the program at the time, was absent from recording due to the drama shooting, her husband Dong-gun Lee went on to become a daily MC instead.

In the appearance of Lee Dong-gun, MCs asked about the current situation, and he said he was busy with shooting dramas, but revealed that his wife, 'Happy Together 4', took care every week.

Earlier, Lee Dong-gun and actor Oh Ui-shik, a close friend of Cho Yoon-hee, shared their love witnesses and said, "Eat and hold hands when eating." When he asked if he would hold his hand and eat rice until now, two years after he got married, Lee Dong-gun said, "It's been a while since I released my hand."

In addition, Lee Dong-gun's 'foot-and-foot event' is also being discussed again.

Lee Dong-gun-Jo Yoon-hee appeared in 'Happy Together 4' in December 2018, and anecdotes that Lee Dong-gun forgot the first wedding anniversary were released. At that time, Lee Dong-gun forgot the wedding anniversary, and he just slept in the evening to eat and went to bed. However, Cho Yun-hee finally showed tears in her sad heart.

Lee Dong-gun, who appeared in the MBC 'Radio Star' broadcast earlier this year, explained this episode, saying, "I've been swearing a lot with 'national jokbalnam'." He said, "I was at home because there was no filming on the wedding anniversary, but Yunhee misunderstood that I was deliberately waiting." Then he said, "I ate deliciously and lie down, but there was a whirring sound, and then I knew that today is the anniversary of the wedding."

Lee Dong-gun and Cho Yoon-hee developed acting among lovers in the KBS drama 'Wolgyesu Tailored Shrines' in 2017, and announced the marriage report and pregnancy news in May of that year. It was followed by a wedding in September of the same year and a daughter in December. However, after three years of marriage, she was broken, and custody was known to be held by Yoon-Jo Cho.

(SBS funE Reporter Sun-ae Kang)