Gérard Collomb was the first baron of macronism before moving away from it. Its alliance with the right is a decision that does not pass to LREM. 

Gérard Collomb, 40 years of socialism, was the first baron to support Emmanuel Macron. He was his Prime Minister of the Interior, and brought to the President the city of Lyon and its metropolis. After having resigned from Place Beauvau, Gérard Collomb, who had brought the first criticisms against Emmanuel Macron, had withdrawn to his city. On the spot, he was confronted with the usury of power and the rivalry of a macronist. Emmanuel Macron failed to bring them to agreement. Result: a catastrophic first round and Gérard Collomb joined forces with the LR right, LREM's opponent in order to block environmentalists who were tired of taking the city. Political arrangements that are not new in local elections, the problem is that it is precisely this type of behavior that Emmanuel Macron had promised to change. A symbol of municipal failure for LREM. The Lyons shipwreck marks a turning point for macronism.