The candidates of "Koh-Lanta: The island of heroes". - Philippe Leroux / ALP / TF1

There are only five left. This Friday evening, there will only be three left for a final broadcast broadcast on Friday, June 5, with the post test and the jury vote. Among the adventurers who survived this season, only Claude seems to find favor in the eyes of a majority of viewers.

Conversely, most of the other candidates, as well as some of the recent ones eliminated, are doomed to celebrations (sometimes beyond the limits of the law for that matter) and gathered under the unflattering label of FC Bronzette. Why ? Because these adventurers would be considered less "deserving" than those who win tests, achieve physical exploits or flourish with superb survival ...

The best is the one who wins

"It drives me crazy to see that viewers still haven't understood that the most deserving candidate was the one who went to the end," chokes Plankaster, host of the podcast Autour du feu. It is an adventure game but above all a game of elimination and strategy. You have to eliminate the others and, at the end, let these people vote for you anyway. Therein lies the talent of the winners. "

Indeed, on several occasions, the candidates who organize small plots to eliminate the adventurers risking to overshadow them have been strongly criticized. This is all the salt of the program. "The montage of the show highlights success on trials and survival," Plankaster analyzes. But the elements of strategy, of alliances, are devalued. The game expert would like the program to pay homage to the winners with a special montage, broadcast during the final. “Often, the final winner was obliterated or little present in the first broadcasts. If we revisited his entire course, with a montage centered on his adventure, we could judge the talent he showed to win. And its merit therefore.

"Madrid has more supporters than Châteauroux"

Just as each edition of Koh-Lanta has its magnificent loser, a survival hero, an athlete, who was eliminated before the final, football competitions, especially the world cups, know this myth of "the most beautiful team did not win. "

Swann Borsellino, a journalist at Sofoot , reports on the show every week on the football site. As a football specialist and Koh-Lanta lover, he has a pragmatic view of the debate: “  Koh-Lanta is not Ninja Warrior . Alexandra can win in this game! The journalist thus makes an analogy with the world of football: "The players who won a lot of titles with their teams were not necessarily the most gifted individually. Messi, it's a bit Claude. But Giroud, who is less glamorous, won the World Cup ... "

From there to rather support Alexandra, there is a step that many viewers dare not take. "The romantic supporter or one who defines himself as a" real "football lover will love a player like Sergio Ramos," explains Kevin Charnay, also in charge of Koh-Lanta articles at Sofoot . Even if he recognizes Ahmad, for example, the talent of knowing how to "play with his strengths", he understands the enthusiasm of the public for adventurers like Sam, Claude or Teheiura. “Madrid has more supporters than Châteauroux. We are attached to heroes, to exploits, it's human. "

Exasperation and merit

In short, the viewers of Koh-Lanta who, on average, are more like a Régis, an Alexandra or an Ahmad, will prefer to be enthusiastic for the perfect heroes of the game rather than those who, like them would have done, simply tried to win the game with their limited means.

“The strength of the program is that everything is done to make us angry. This is the strength of the assembly… ”, analyzes Swann Borsellino. Exasperation often wins the viewer of Koh-Lanta in front of the heartbreaking spectacle of candidates who skimp and betray themselves. And yet that is what we came to see. Denis Brogniart understands this, he who extends the exercise of truth of the council with videos on Instagram since the beginning of the confinement. He puts the candidates there in front of their least chivalrous behaviors. Which have already been widely promoted during the broadcasts.

Thus, viewers of Koh-Lanta, hoping that their favorite candidate wins, they confuse competition and theater. In the theater, the good wins, there is a moral. In a competition, the one who played best according to the rules wins.


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