Blue Impulse flies over the city center Thank you to medical professionals May 29 14:09


The Air Self-Defense Force's acrobatic flight team "Blue Impulse" flew over Tokyo in the afternoon of the 29th in order to thank and respect medical personnel who respond to the new coronavirus.

Blue Impulse flew in a formation from 6:30 pm on the 29th, flying a white line with smoke at an altitude of 1000 meters above the city center.

About this flight The Air Self Defense Force is to thank and respect medical personnel who are responding to the new coronavirus, and the flight route was set to fly over the hospital where the patient was accepted .

When I saw the aircraft at the hospital, I saw people shooting on their smartphones and waving their hands.

According to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, the "Blue Impulse" exhibition flight over the city center was also held at the Tokyo Olympic Opening Ceremony in 1964 and a farewell event accompanying the reconstruction of the National Stadium in 2014, this time is the third time. about it.