Lee Gyu-bin (28), who appeared on Channel A 'Heart Signal Season 2' and became a hot topic, has recently turned into a new secretary in the Office of the State Affairs Office.

On the 28th, Lee Kyu-bin was caught in the 5th Thursday Talks of Prime Minister Jung Se-gyun, aired on KTV. He was said to have been working in the Economic Coordination Office since he was appointed as the new Secretary of State's Coordination Office in January.

On this day, Officer Gyu-bin Lee skillfully led a dialogue on Thursday. Lee Gyu-bin, who appeared in 'Heart Signal 2' that was aired in 2018, showed a good fit and charm to the performers at the time.

Born in 1993, Secretary-General Lee Gyu-bin passed the 5th grade administrative examination in Seoul National University.

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yun)