While Internet broadcaster Han Mi-mo (26) accused actress A of prostitution, she found that the situation in which Mr. A called female candidates in their early 20s to Manila, Philippines, for illegal part-time jobs.

Last year, Mr. B, a woman in her twenties who asked for anonymity, passed on to SBS funE reporters, saying, "When Mrs. A comes to Manila, Philippines, I will persuade her to provide accommodation and employment." It was a job, and under the surveillance of Mr. A, I had no choice but to do an illegal part-time job at a gambling facility. ”

Mr. B is said to have returned to Korea in a time when the surveillance of actress A was neglected. Afterwards, actress A threatened by posting a passport photo of B's ​​identity on her social media after learning that B had returned to Korea.

At the time, SBS funE reporters tried to persuade Mr. B to report this to the police, but Mr. B's party feared retaliation and fear of personal threats, eventually giving up legal action.Meanwhile, Mr. Han Mi-mo introduced Mr. B to entertainment representatives after proposing to come to Manila, Philippines, saying, 'I will make a lot of money.' I had to do it. "

Han Mi-mo, who works as a racing model, turned to African TV BJ, and after being permanently suspended for exposure, she continues to broadcast on Twitch.

Mr. A is known as the ex-wife of a famous badminton national representative.

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yun)