China News Service, May 28th, directed by He Shupei, the new classical martial arts emotional drama "Heavy Fire on the Moon" starring Luo Yunxi, Chen Yuqi, Zou Tingwei, Tian Yitong, etc. will be aired today. In the "Cloud Opening Fire" conference, the leading actors will "approve" the hot pot and accompany everyone while chatting and waiting for the drama.


  "Moon on Heavy Fire" is adapted from the popular novel of the same name by the well-known online writer Junzi Yize. While the TV drama version of "Moon on Heavy Fire" inherits the essence of the original plot, its intention is to break away from the framework of the "Gu Ou" sweet play. With the grievances and grudges and the different life paths between several young chivalrous people, he painted a picture of rivers and lakes that blended intricate love, personal ideals and national feelings.

  It is worth mentioning that the service of "Heavy Fire on the Moon" works hard between the large set and the small details. As the main scene in the play, the Palace of Heavy Fire abandoned the technical synthesis, and built a picturesque real estate on the mountain, which is full of a strong sense of realism. Other scenes are also tailored according to the style of the sect, antique and full of elegance . In the clothing, Shangguantuo's clothing materials are mainly brocade and yarn. As the son of the national teacher, he appeared as a high-necked brocade to highlight his status. When he is in the rivers and lakes, he is complemented by wide sleeves and light yarn to show his elegant and transparent. .


  As the master of the first house, Chongxuezhi's clothing is mainly made of dark cotton and cloth materials, with a lot of beams, capable and pragmatic, but in Yueshanggu, she is far away from the common affairs and mainly uses light-colored gauze, which is quite small. The daughter's delicate demeanor. There are also sophisticated netizens who find that the fan of Shangguantu is painted with green bamboo. Bamboo has always been a symbol of Gao Jie's integrity in Chinese culture. In this way, the details show that Shangguantu's gentleman's character is suitable.

  It is reported that "Huge Fire on the Moon" will be broadcast on iQiyi since May 28th.