China News Agency, Shenzhen, May 26 (Reporter Zheng Xiaohong) The reporter learned from the Shenzhen Planning and Natural Resources Bureau (Shenzhen Ocean Fishery Bureau) on the 26th that the Bureau and the Engineering Design Management Center of the Shenzhen Municipal Construction and Engineering Department have jointly released Shenzhen Ocean The official announcement of the International Competition for Architectural Architectural Design of the Museum aims to solicit architectural design for the world. Shenzhen Maritime Museum is one of the “new ten cultural facilities” that Shenzhen has focused on.

  Shenzhen Ocean Museum is located in the new large area of ​​Dapeng Peninsula in eastern Shenzhen, surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing Longqi Bay. The geographical and natural environment is superior. With the goal of "leading in China and world-class", we will build a comprehensive maritime museum that integrates collection, research, display, science and other functions, and build a marine resource collection and display center, a marine culture education center, and a marine science research center.

  According to reports, in the creation of features, the Ocean Museum will explore innovations in space, exhibitions, function combinations and operating models, create a new generation of museums with a "sympathetic" experience and interactive experience, create diverse marine immersive scenes, and use 3D Interactive, panoramic immersion experience technology simulates the extreme marine extreme environments such as polar regions, deep seas, and storm surges, allowing viewers to experience advanced marine scientific and technological achievements.

  At the same time, the Maritime Museum will strengthen the integration of "exhibition, research and tourism", create a diversified marine museum, become an important cultural place for people of different ages to learn marine knowledge, introduce scientific research institutions, and carry out special exhibitions such as coral reef conservation and mangrove ecological restoration. Cooperate to create a space for urban maritime characteristics, etc.

  On April 29, the pre-announcement of the International Competition for Architectural Design of the Maritime Museum was released. In just two weeks, 118 design teams had received the forecast names. The schedule of this international competition is divided into two stages: team selection and competition judging. 15 shortlisted institutions will be selected by means of "intention to invite + open call", and then 3 preferred awards and 12 finalists will be selected. The design of the competition includes two parts, the main pavilion and the water project, with a total construction area of ​​about 108,000 square meters. It sets up exhibition display areas, collection storage protection areas, public service and education areas, business and research areas, administrative areas and other functional areas. (Finish)