China News Service, May 26th, "Happiness is within reach" is being broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV. In the play, Su Yushan played by Hu Bing is praised to match the original role, which is called "the restoration of the gods".


  The TV series "Happiness is within reach" tells the story of e-commerce president Song Rong and cutting-edge designer Zhou Fang, from irreconcilable to gradual love, and Su Yushan played by Hu Bing is both Song Rong's hard-core foe in the mall and Zhou Fang. In the high-end Bole in the workplace, the intricate relationship between "enemy and friend" between the three will run through the whole drama.

  In the plot of last night, Su Yushan appeared in the suit with a suit. With just a few words, Zhou Fang easily made Zhou Fang the "public enemy" of other players. At present, the commercial front of the play only shows the tip of the iceberg. Next, the contest between Hu Bing and Huang Jingyu will be upgraded with high energy, and even usher in the commercial version of "Infernal Affairs".

  Compared with the elite sportsman Chen Xiufeng in "Hunting Field", Ren Yuan, the captain of the flight in "Zhuang Zhi Gao Fei", and the spicy coach Huang Donglei in "Mr. Swim", Su Yushan in "Happy Reach" is more than Hu Bing in recent years. The roles played in urban dramas are more complicated. After the show started, many "original fans" viewers were very much looking forward to its launch. After the official "business", Hu Bing was praised from the image to the aura, "restoration of the original".

  It is reported that in order to better integrate with the character, Hu Bing deliberately brought his own sets of private clothing and accessories into the group, in order to better convey the character's fashion sense.