China News Agency, Hong Kong, May 24 (Reporter Ruan Wei) On the 24th, many Hong Kong literary, film and television and charity people and Hong Kong citizens took to the streets to sign the joint agency to support the NPC Standing Committee to formulate a national security law involving Hong Kong and help Hong Kong. Social recovery and peace.

  On the same day, the Volunteer Team with Love responded to the call of the "National Security Legislation United Front" from all walks of life in Hong Kong and launched the "National Security Legislation" street signing joint signing event at the New Century Plaza in Sheung Wan. Many citizens stepped forward to sign after passing by. Mr. Leung, a Hong Kong citizen who participated in the joint agency, said that Hong Kong was too chaotic in the past year. The opposition advocated "scramble" and the chaotic Hong Kong elements were making waves. The central government's enactment of Hong Kong's national security laws is to safeguard the fundamental interests of every Hong Kong citizen.

  The event also received a public response from a large number of people in the arts, film, television and charity circles in Hong Kong. The famous Hong Kong director Xu Xiaoming said that it would be very unfair to Hong Kong citizens who abide by the law if they continue to let some people advocate "Hong Kong independence" and collude with external forces to disrupt Hong Kong. I was very happy when I heard the news of the national security legislation involving Hong Kong. I believe that after the legislation is passed, people who hold foreign national flags and clamor for "Hong Kong independence" will be "a good drink".

  Jin Ling, honorary vice chairman of the Hong Kong Women ’s Association for All walks of life, said that the central government ’s efforts to plug the loopholes in Hong Kong ’s national security are seen by most law-abiding citizens in Hong Kong as a long-awaited and well-received thing, which is absolutely in line with public opinion and conforms to public opinion. The violent actions that followed the storm of revision last year have made more citizens see that defending national security is also better guaranteeing that every Hong Kong citizen can have a peaceful and peaceful living environment.

  Wang Xianxun, the former chairman of Renji Hospital, said that what happened in Hong Kong last year had a great negative impact on some charity groups in Hong Kong. Some young people were angry and even talked badly about charity groups. This has never happened in Hong Kong society. Yes, the incident makes them sad; I hope that after the smooth passage of the Hong Kong-related national security law, it will calm the society and release positive energy information, so that everyone can think more positively. (Finish)