The actor Han So-hee frankly narrated the surrounding reaction to the role she played in the drama.

Han Sohee, who appeared on JTBC's 'Couple's World' special broadcast that aired on the 23rd, replied frankly to the question, "How was the reaction of the people around you?" "You are so bad. I told you not to live like that."

In this regard, Park Sun-young praised, "If I acted poorly, I wouldn't want to see it, but because I played 'I'm all better' and 'I'm Yea-kyung', the character was brighter."

Hee-ae Kim also remarked about Han So-hee's acting, saying, "It wasn't just memorizing the ambassadors, but she came out with a damask. You were very confident."

On this day, Han So-hee said about the costumes of Da Da-kyung, who returned to Gosan in the drama, "I tried to refer to Sun-woo's clothes a lot two years ago. In the meantime, Da-kyung should not lose color, so she tried to find a compromise in the middle."

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)