Beijing News (Reporter Wu Tingting) At 6:36 today (May 24), Shenzhen Airlines Flight ZH9151 took off from Beijing Capital International Airport and flew directly to Xiangyang, Hubei. It is reported that this is the first passenger flight from Beijing to Hubei since the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia.

  The reporter learned that according to the relevant regulations in the "Notice on Pilot Resumption of Flights from Hubei to Beijing" issued by the Civil Aviation Administration on May 21, Shenzhen Airlines will open one every Sunday from May 24 to October 24. A round-trip flight from Beijing to Xiangyang. Su Wei, general manager of Shenzhen Airlines Beijing Branch, said that the newly launched Beijing round-trip Xiangyang flight not only indicates that Shenzhen Airlines is gradually restoring the domestic route network in Hubei, but also opens an air passage for passengers from Hubei to Hubei.

  Since the Beijing-Hubei route has just resumed, Shenzhen Airlines has deployed an experienced flight crew to fly, and focuses on cabin protection to ensure passenger travel safety. At the same time, Shenzhen Airlines ground staff will conduct passenger body temperature testing, strictly collect passenger-related information, including document information, access routes within 14 days, domestic residence, domestic contact information, etc. At the same time, assist passengers to fill out electronic information cards.

  During the flight, the crew wore protective equipment throughout the journey and cleaned the restroom every hour. After the flight is over, the professionals will preventively kill the personnel cabins, passenger elevators, corridors and other areas of personnel activity, and replace the air circulation filters of the aircraft according to the work process.

  It should be noted that at present, it is still necessary to wear masks when taking flights and entering and leaving the terminal, search for the health code of Hubei Province through Alipay, and obtain the health code "green code", or present it by the disease control department above the county level Health certificate, you can take the flight after checking the body temperature. Due to the prevention and control requirements, it is recommended that all passengers boarding at the airport at least 2 hours in advance to check-in procedures to avoid missed flights.