Lee Tae-sung confessed his efforts to fulfill his responsibilities as head.

In the SBS 'My Ugly Baby' (hereinafter 'Miusae') broadcast on the 24th, Lee Tae-sung was portrayed to be honest about the happiness and sorry he feels thanks to his son.

On this day's broadcast, Taeseung's son Han Seung-yi prepared a birthday party for Lee Tae-sung. Lee Seung-seong was very impressed by Han Seung-yi, who prepared a birthday song, a hand-made birthday prize, a birthday present, and a letter.

Han Seung-yi, who prepared Lee Tae-sung's favorite chocolate and actor's chair as a gift, crossed the letter he wrote. Lee Tae-sung, who read this, suddenly showed tears and stroked his son's cheeks.

In a letter written by Han Seung-yi, "My father is younger than other fathers, so I like him. I love him because he's a movie star. But my father is so good, but I'm sorry that I broke up with my mom when I was 2 years old. there was.

Accordingly, Lee Tae-sung hugged her son with tears of sorry and gratitude for her son. And all the performers who watched it drew tears and caught their eyes.

Lee Tae-sung's mother said, "Han Seung-yi once said that. She said she would try to live together in a group. But she said," You shouldn't tell your dad that it's not like you're being jealous. "

On this day, Lee Tae-sung had dinner with a friend. Two people who formed a consensus by raising concerns. Lee Tae-sung revealed anecdotes that he experienced while going out with Han Seung-i.

That the children passing by recognized him and even mentioned his divorce. Lee Tae-sung said, "I don't care because the children don't know. I don't care and everything is fine. "I said.

Next, Lee Tae-sung revealed a secret he had never done before. Lee Tae-sung, who had to join the military shortly after Han Seung-i was born. He said he had found a bank to get a loan because of the difficult economic activity.

However, it wasn't the conditions for the loan, and it was shocked that it eventually used the second financial sector, the third financial sector, and even bonds. Lee Tae-sung added, "I received a lot of card loans at the time. It was a kind of turnaround. Since the interest was expensive, I waited until the event and paid off with a low interest rate."

Lee Tae-sung, who said that even if it was a difficult situation, Han Seung-i was prepared to not have any problems, he said, "Even if anything happens, I have to take responsibility. Isn't that the responsibility of the head of the family?"

And Lee Tae-sung, who was unable to take a break to pay his debts. However, at the time, the aptitude test revealed that Han Seung-yi had a separation anxiety disorder.

Lee Tae-sung said, "I didn't know what to do. So I tried painting treatment. Han Seung-yi was separated from his beloved family and was so uneasy about being alone." But because I have to continue working, I can't see Han Seung-i. I couldn't do it, but when I was doing that, Han Seung suddenly turned ten years old. "

And Lee Tae-seong added, "Han Seung-yi always talks about wanting to live with Dad, uncle, Mond, and Kao. I'm so sorry to make money so quickly and live in a yard house.

In addition, Lee Tae-sung expressed his sincere gratitude to his mother, saying, “Thanks to my son, Han Seung,” who overcame the difficult time for himself, and that it is all thanks to his mother.

Lee Tae-sung's mother, who saw her son's tears for the first time, was sorry for her son, saying, "I didn't know it was so difficult. When I asked, I told someone to borrow it, and I didn't know what happened."

On the other hand, in the broadcast on the day, the scene of a man who is playing a time with Young Tak, a young man, who has visited his home, attracted attention.

(SBS funE Hyo-Jung Kim editor)