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Metallica is releasing a new edition of its Blackened whiskey . This new drink, nicknamed Batch 100 and distilled under the guidance of cellar master Rob Dietrich, will be offered in a limited edition box that will delight the group's fans. The huge black box, which has already delighted Lars Ulrich during unboxing, contains two vinyls, a booklet, a pen, a patch and a guitar pick in addition to the bottle.

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On the two discs, there are 12 tracks selected by Rob Dietrich from the group's discography. A very interesting choice mixing studio versions and live versions of anthology or sometimes less known songs. "Music and the distillery are the two things to which I dedicated my life, and I don't take for granted the luck that I had to have been able to literally mix these two worlds," he said. said in a statement relayed by LouderSound.

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It was in 2018 that Metallica decided to collaborate with cellar master Dave Pickerell in order to create Blackened , a whiskey named after their 1988 album … And Justice For All . Unfortunately, Dave Pickerell died shortly after distilling this first edition called Batch 81 in tribute to the year of creation of the group, thus leaving room for Rob Dietrich.

As for the limited edition of the Batch 100, it is currently only distributed in certain American states.


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