China News Network, Hangzhou, May 23 (Tong Xiaoyu) On May 22, the exhibition "Lu Xun Xu Zhimo-The Life of Screaming and Singing" opened in the Zhejiang Library. The exhibition contains 200 pictures and more than 100 exhibits, including the cheongsam worn by Xu Zhimo's wife Lu Xiaoman.

  It is reported that this exhibition focuses on the life trajectories of Lu Xun and Xu Zhimo's academic career, confrontation between grace and grievance, thought process, emotional life, and farewell.

exhibition site. Tong Xiaoyu photo

  Lu Xun and Xu Zhimo, both Zhejiang literati who influenced China, were two pioneers in the cultural enlightenment thoughts of China at that time.

  The former has taught at the two-level normal school in Hangzhou and Zhejiang, while the latter has visited Hangzhou many times, and wrote famous articles such as "The Moon Leifeng Pagoda Film", "Ugly West Lake" and "West Lake".

  Luo Liehong, director of the Xu Zhimo Memorial Hall in Hangzhou, said this is why he organized the exhibition in Hangzhou. "They shouted for the transformation of national character, and one sang for love and freedom. The expressions seemed to be very different, but they were all the backbone of the same country."

Lu Xun sent a letter to Hu Shi, which talked about his suggestion for "New Youth". Tong Xiaoyu photo

  At the exhibition site, a large number of publications, newspaper materials and precious first edition books of the year were exhibited.

  Such as Lu Xun Sendai Medical College Admission Application Letter, Lu Xun's "A Q True Story" manuscript, Lu Xun to Hu Shixin, Lu Xun to Xu Guangping letter, Xu Zhimo to Russell letterhead, Xu Zhimo to Lin Huiyin letter, Xu Zhimo's dinner party The original of the invitation, the remnants of the couplet autographed by Xu Zhimo's cousin Mr. Zhu Qifeng when he died.

  In Xu Zhimo's letterhead to Russell, Russell once commented on it: Mr. Xu is a highly educated Chinese university graduate and a poet who can write in both Chinese and English.

  There are many exhibits on site, and people feel the passing of time. It is the cheongsam worn by Lu Xiaoman in the showcase. This is a silk cheongsam embroidered with purple background. The color is very new, with clear creases, and a little stiff collar.

When Xu Zhimo died, his cousin Mr. Zhu Qifeng personally inscribed the leftovers. Tong Xiaoyu photo

  Luo Liehong said that the cheongsam was purchased from a collector. "Lu Xiaoman would like to buy a lot of things he likes at once, and will be enthusiastically gifted when friends and relatives visit." This cheongsam, Lu Xiaoman probably only passed through once or twice, and gave it to his cousin Wu Jin who had always lived in his home. Later, Wu Jin gave this cheongsam to her daughter again.

  Luo Liehong said that Lu Xiaoman always has such comments. But in his mind, Lu Xiaoman and Xu Zhimo are a match made in heaven. Both of them can be described as "innocent, passionate and kind".

  Zhang Xin, a professor at Zhejiang University of Technology, said he often introduces Lu Xun and Xu Zhimo to students in the classroom. Many people have always thought that Lu Xun and Xu Zhimo are "friends of life and death", but through this exhibition, the audience will be able to better understand Lu Xun and Xu Zhimo.

Xu Zhimo's report card. Tong Xiaoyu photo

  "We found the poetic and tender side in Lu Xun's fortitude, and in Xu Zhimo's poetic side, he also noticed the patriotic side of his country." Zhang Xin said.

  It is reported that this event is co-sponsored by Zhejiang Library, Guangzhou Lu Xun Memorial Hall and Hangzhou Xu Zhimo Memorial Hall. The exhibition period is from May 22 to June 2 and lasts for 12 days. (Finish)