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Survivors 2020 put the turbo last night to the grand final and for the first time in its history he returned to Spain two weeks before the big day arrives. The reason, the coronavirus and the alarm state. The quarantine that everyone who travels to Spain is obliged to pass, has made the program have to bring forward the return of the contestants and the entire team so that on the day the Grand Final is over, the survivors are in Spain and, above all, everything, can be in the Telecinco studios. And how are they going to do it? Well, it was Jorge Javier Vázquez who announced last night to the survivors that both they and the entire team will return to Spain in a plane chartered only for them, so that they do not have to wait for regular flights from Honduras. "You return to Spain in a dream airplane, a 787 DreamLiner. Just for you and for the whole team . " Hala, the house through the window! If when there are resources ...

Last night was the last 2020 Survivors from Honduras, last night Elena was expelled , last night it was seen with more clarity who may be the winner of this edition, last night there were again fights, confrontations and emotions on the surface, last night Jorge and Barranco became the last nominees and the last one expelled will come out, last night the palapa closed, 2020 Survivors said goodbye to Honduras and Lara Álvarez broke.

Now there are two weeks in which it is not well known what will become of Rocío Flores , Hugo Sierra , Ana María Aldón , Jorge and Barranco , the five survivors who return to Spain while still contestants, after Elena's expulsion last night. By the way, an expulsion that left me more than surprised. They have to go through the quarantine to which the alarm state forces, but at the same time you have to keep doing the program. So it will be necessary to see that Telecinco is removed from the sleeve.

Elena, expelled

After the week to the stardom that Elena has lived , and the support of the followers of her daughter Adara, I was shocked when Jorge Javier said Jorge's name as the saved contestant. A Elena he has gone expensive, very expensive these days who believed that the more stand out, the more you show him more chances had to stay. For her comings and goings throughout the reality show , no matter how good a survivor she has come out, it has cost her a high price, it has cost her to stay at the gates of the grand final.

The Bridge of Emotions on Tuesday, the show in the palapa last week and last night, his 'now I get wet, now I don't get wet' and his more than strange relationship with the father of his grandson, Hugo Sierra , I think it was which has finally tipped the balance, leaving her without that grand finale she dreamed of. I am infinitely happy for Jorge , he deserves to be in the final of Survivientes 2020 . Because, although obviously he has not given anywhere near the game that his colleagues have given, Jorge has shown that you can participate in a reality show where what is most valued is the show you give, without giving it, and become a great survivor and get the affection and support of many viewers, when three months ago was the most unknown of them all.

I am very clear who will win this Survivors 2020 . I still screw up and in two weeks I have to sheathe it, but it gives me that never a final of Survivors was so clear. Hugo Sierra has all the ballots to become the winner of Survivors 2020 , for many reasons. The first, because of the legion behind him and that supports him without question. There are thousands of followers who carry the entire reality show, leaving their horns and money to save him and take him to the grand finale. Second, because even though he had a contest full of lights, but also many shadows, if there has been a contestant who has stood firm to his convictions and his way of being, that has been Hugo Sierra , without hesitation. Unbearable, sometimes, survivor, at all times . And, third, since his break with Ivana Icardi , with which he had the San Quintín one last night, Hugo Sierra gave himself in body and soul to 2020 Survivors , but above all, to the final. Hugo Sierra looks like a winner, as many of us see him, and he has been working on it for a month so that in two weeks Jorge Javier Vázquez will raise his arm as the winner of Survivors 2020 .

If I had to bet on how it will be and who will be in that great final, I would play the quarterfinals of a final between Jorge , Barranco , Ana María Aldón and Hugo Sierra . If tradition is fulfilled, the first to fall of the four would be Jorge or Barranco, then the one who does not fall on the first sieve, and the final duel would bet that it will be between Ana María Aldón and Hugo Sierra . If so, Ana María Aldón has nothing to do against the man who has done the contest as it has come out of the skittle, regardless of what they think of him, or loneliness, or lack of coexistence, or anything at all . Hugo Sierra's contest has been to go to his fart at all times and do what he considered he should do without being influenced by any external noise.

Ivana's runrún and Hugo Sierra's nightmare

We saw him again last night when they showed the images of Ivana Icardi's return to the island to deliver a couple of chickens and some fries. Ivana is already more than heavy with chasing Hugo Sierra . If two weeks ago I defended her to death because I believed that Hugo Sierra really had to give him an explanation of why he left her overnight, after seeing last night I have to say that the heavy Ivana game is the game of who wants to return to Spain and go through all the sets of Mediaset selling the love and breakup of Survivors 2020 .

That is why when he returned for a few hours to the island with his companions, he returned again with the same tune and the same joke, because he knows that the huge benefits that can bring him continue selling the painful rupture with which he will probably become the winner. of this edition. Ivana has been away for a week and knows perfectly what is being chewed in Spain.

So it came and the beatings began. Minor blows, blows that directed at others would not have given at all, but that in the case of Hugo Sierra represent a monumental explosion. If there is something to criticize Hugo Sierra it is that he has a bad host that I will tell you about. If something feels bad, if something does not fit, if something smells like death, it does not measure, it does not control, it does not marry anyone. A simple and repetitive question from Ivana about their relationship caused the thing to go wrong again. Hugo Sierra refused to eat the chicken because he was not going to pay the price Ivana asked him to eat it, so he mounted his film on his head, closed himself up and took it for a sack . Ivana went on and on and on and on until Hugo couldn't hold it anymore and it exploded. "You come here to blackmail me, that's it. I'm not going to eat the chicken," Hugo snapped , while Ivana described his attitude as the attitude of "a five-year-old boy." More than the attitude of a 5 year old, the attitude of the one who is proud. If he says no, it is not, and if he believes that above the chicken there is what he thinks is correct, because he runs out of chicken and period.

" I take my life as it comes out of my eggs , turn the small page that is already (...) I do not want to give you explanations, I ask you for God, I ask you please, because you are nothing of mine. You are very boring, "continued the anger. Ivana kept insisting, kept itching. "It is being a person, you don't have to be anything of mine. When I understand things, I turn the page. You people who love and respect you don't like you, you like something else. If you tell me I love you, at least you feel it, I have feelings, which you don't have ", the same song from three weeks ago when they confirmed their break in the palapa. Hugo wanted to get away, he wanted to be left alone, he did not want to listen to her anymore, but Ivana continued because an opportunity like this cannot be missed. Until he touched what only Hugo Sierra can touch, the mother of his son, Adara . Hugo will not allow anyone to insult the mother of his son, because the insults remain in the family.

Suddenly, Ivana released a "you think I'm like someone else, you didn't know me, that's what you see, you immediately changed the strategy because I beat you in everything and it didn't serve you", which made them stagger to the palm trees. And this is where the game Ivana also wants to play was clearly seen , the game of the sets, the reproaches, the confrontation with your ex's ex, etc. How fast they learn! That is why I say that Jorge is the rare bird of this edition, because at no time has he wanted to fall for this, because he has competed without entering the mud, while the rest have continued looking for what everyone is looking for, after all, the money .

Or do we think that after Survivors 2020 the bargain will end? Precisely so that it does not end, the contestants themselves are in charge of creating their own plots so that the show does not end. If Hugo Sierra finally proclaims himself the winner, Ivana has come up with pearls to continue exploiting his breakup and his silence. If Hugo Sierra takes the briefcase, Ivana , Elena and Adara , they get pearls to get in the ring. The game is what it is and they don't want to stop playing.

So Elena has spent the last few weeks looking to be the center of attention. Her quarrels with Rocío Flores , her opinions - which, according to her, she did not want to give - about Hugo and Ivana's relationship. Her zascas to the daughter of Rocío Carrasco, like those who lived last night. Her painful childhood revealed on the Bridge of Emotions. Everything responds to the same objective, with the difference that it has been difficult for Elena to stay at the gates of the grand final, but with which she has ensured a long season of sets. And, if not, at the time.

The excited goodbye of Lara Álvarez

And now we are going with the farewell of Lara Álvarez , with the farewell to the palapa and the adventure of Honduras. Year after year we have been getting used to Lara Álvarez's tears when the lights of the palapa had to be turned off. It is already a tradition, but this time, the presenter's tears last night save much more than a simple farewell. To me Lara Álvarez is tender and seems to me to be a presenter like the top of a pine tree, who knows what to give at every moment. So seeing her cry as I saw her last night broke my heart. Because Lara Álvarez's tears last night were not due to a palapa or the end of the reality show , they were because the three months that they have spent in Honduras should not have been easy at all knowing everything that was happening in Spain.

Away from home, from the family, with a world health crisis, with thousands of deaths, those affected ... And they in Honduras to continue giving shows and entertainment . As she said last night, that has been her work and it must be said that they have succeeded. With their mistakes and their successes, Survivors 2020 has managed to get viewers to escape from everything that was happening for at least a few a week. They sought to entertain and they have succeeded, by far. They have given great nights and great shows, which you can like more or less, but entertaining has entertaining. The effort that must have involved continuing and maintaining a program as Survivors 2020 in the circumstances that are being experienced, should not have been easy. So Lara Álvarez's tears are more than justified in this edition.

He had not even begun to speak and Lara Álvarez began to cry. No wonder. For those of us who have had a first-hand experience, it has been and is being extremely hard, but I don't want to imagine what it must be like to spend it thousands of kilometers from your family, trying to maintain the program without anything causing it to falter. The longest edition of all the editions of Survivors in the world closed the palapa last night, collected the gear and headed to Spain from where the few remaining programs will be broadcast until the grand final. When the 2020 Survivors started, the coronavirus was still something from China that looked distant, three months later, the coronavirus has locked us up at home, keeps us in an endless state of alert and has imposed a "new normal" that is still difficult to fit in. All this, the survivors have lived from afar, doing what they believed was their fight in the distance: entertain. And what if they have! So last night, when Lara Álvarez could not contain her tears as she said goodbye to the palapa, I could not contain them either.

"He had said before entering, I am not going to cry, well ..." , and Lara Álvarez broke, almost unable to speak. But it was her moment, the moment of each edition and it was necessary to make heart. "Well, we closed this palapa again. We promised it at the beginning of this edition, the most extreme edition. You have seen it, rains, strong storms, very high temperatures ... Very harsh conditions, but believe me when I say that nothing compares to being away from you in this difficult time. We have had you in our thoughts every minute of these 90 days that we have been here, far from home . And the kilometers separate us, but we have felt your struggle, your pain. We have shared that growth and improvement day after day, and we understood that being here the only thing we could do, although what we would have liked most was to be close to our family and the people we love ... ". Last night, with Lara Álvarez, you could see what they never let see, what lies behind, the efforts, the work, the regrets, the sacrifices ...

"We understood that our mission was to bring this edition forward with the greatest enthusiasm and the greatest enthusiasm that we had within. Therefore, the thanks of this year are capital, team. Thanks to the more than 200 people from Honduras, Italy, the Republic Dominican, from Spain, that you have carried out this program, that you are the essence of Survivors , that you are the engine (...) But the most important thanks, the thanks to which the whole team joins in is you. Thank you, thank you for that effort, thanks for following that fight that will soon end. We are not going to close the palapa, we are not going to turn it off, we are going to leave it illuminated and full of life, that life that we will soon recover . This will soon happen and surely we will come out stronger with everything we have learned and we will love each other more than ever. Comrades, we are going home. Thank you. I love you very much. I always take you. " Needless to say more. Sometimes a silence is worth a thousand words ...

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